Zombies: A Top 10 List of Everything Zombie

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With the craze in Zombies continually growing we at Filmpopper thought it’d be a good idea to review the top ten media forms of zombie action to have everyone better ready to face the impending apocalypse.  Whether your thing is the slow shuffling zombies of George Romero or the zombies capable of sprinting we have it all. For this list we whittled through all forms of entertainment, we selected from movies, TV, Books and video games. Enjoy!

10. Zombieland – Film
One of the latest post apocalyptic zombie movies to hit the big screens.  Zombieland has helped to re-introduce zombies into the cinema lime light.  Why?  Because it mixed zombies with comedy better than any movie up until now.  Even better than Shaun of the Dead in my opinion.  Look for more movies to rely on this formula when trying to tackle the iffy subjects of a zombie apocalypse, comedy is good.

9. Left 4 Dead – Video Game
There have been hundreds of zombie survival video games but few compare to the universe of Left 4 Dead. The zombies in this game are fast.  Faster than you.  Which provides a bit of a problem.  However, what truly pushed Left 4 Dead over the edge was the four player co-op modes that were offered.  Never before have you had the chance to team up with three of your closest friends to fight back angry “hordes” of zombies.

8. How Stuff Works, Zombies – Website
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the website howstuffworks.com I recommend checking it out.  But for this particular article I recommend listening to their podcast designated and geared specifically towards the subject of zombies.  They do quite a bit of research and back study and they know their stuff.  For anyone wanting to become a little more familiar with zombies and the lore surrounding them they need to look into this.

7. Zombies!!! – Board Game
Board games have always been a prime source of entertainment and Zombies!!! is no exception.  The game is designed so that the board tiles are laid down as the game advances.  This provides a unique game every time through.  Tack on the number of expansions that have been developed and you’ll be up all night trying to escape an overrun city full of the undead while trying your hardest to leave your best friends and loved ones behind.

6. Contagious – Searchlight – Band
The band Searchlight were to say the least, inspired.  As a bunch of people who consider themselves to be slightly nerdy the song Contagious was written after the lead singer had to continually call in to work sick while playing Resident Evil 4.  It gets better.  After writing the song a friend of theirs managed to show it to Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil Films) who loved it.  The song appeared on the soundtrack for Resident Evil Extinction.  The song itself tells a tale of survival from the stand point of a small group trying to survive in an apocalyptic world.

5. World War Z – Book and the Movie is TBD
Max Brooks may be one of the most influential people in the zombie world.  His work in World War Z helps to showcase this.  The book takes place after a zombie war in which mankind almost lost.  It follows a member of the UN as he interviews hundreds of survivors, each with a unique story to tell.  Throw in the fact that a movie starring Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Forster hits theaters in late 2012 and you have yourselves one of the best examples of zombieness ever.


4. Dawn of the Dead – Movie
While Max Brooks may be one of the most influential he learned from the best.  The father of zombiehood George Romero has crafted so many zombie based movie series that it was hard to pick just one.  In the end Dawn of the Dead needs to be remembered as the formula that created the slow shuffling, moaning, unstoppable zombie horde that we have today.  Without George Romero many of the other things on this list could not even be included.

3. Resident Evil – Video Game Series
The Resident Evil Video game series is to video games as Dawn of the Dead is to movies.  The Resident Evil catalog has close to ten games each one with a unique story that follows the evil Umbrella Corp.  With so many games and characters that have spanned generations Resident Evil has became one of the big names in gaming today.  We’d like to point out that there were a few movie spin-offs that didn’t quite make the list but deserve a worthy mention.

2. The Walking Dead  – Comics/TV Series
The Walking Dead has become one of the new hit TV series, but what many people don’t realize is that it  started as a comic book series.  Not wanting to give them two spots I’ve merged them into one but let’s try and remember the distinction.  The graphic novels were inspiring.  The gore and gruesome sight of a zombie horde is sometimes best conveyed through pictures rather than words.  The tv series has been jaw dropping as well not only following the comic books rather well but adding in their own style and flare.  With Robert Kirkman fore fronting both projects it’s no wonder The Walking Dead has achieved number two on our list.

1. The Zombie Survival Guide – Book
Well here it is, the be all to end all of zombiehood.  The Zombie Survival Guide written by Max Brooks contains every useful piece of information about zombies known to man.  It has stood as a staple for years and many others have followed it’s example basing their own zombie experiences after it.  The one book to read if you’re curious about anything or everything zombie is right here.

And there you have it. The complete Filmpopper list of Zombiehood. And here’s a few that didn’t make the list.

Honorable Mentions:
Night of the Living Dead
Resident Evil Film Series
Shaun of the Dead
Day of the Dead
28 Days Later
Army of Darkness
Dead Alive
Dead Island



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