XBOX Live Price Going Up

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Microsoft’s  Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hyrb (gamertag Major Nelson) has announced that the price for Xbox Live will be going up on Novermber 1st.

The price increase moves a yearly subscription up from $49.99 to $59.99. Another $10 hardly seems like something to make a fuss about when considering how many new features have been added since the launch of Xbox Live in 2002. Xbox Live is clearly the best online gaming and entertainment service there is, but with a userbase as substantial as that of Xbox Live is it really necessary?

There is one GOOD announcment to come out of this. Users that renew their subscriptions for another year before the new pricing goes into affect in November will recieve a discounted price of $39.99.

Recently added features available from Xbox Live inclue Netflix, Facebook, Twitter,, Music Videos, Insider Tips and Videos, with many more on the way, including an ESPN application.

For a full break down of the new pricing and regions check out Major Nelson’s Blog.


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