‘Wonder Woman’ Finally Finds a Home With NBC

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Wonder Woman has finally found a home over at NBC, it looks like Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) will finally hit your T.V. screens this fall.

TVlinereports that earlier this month, all the majors took a pass on the series, due to its being shopped around late in the game plus its presumably big-ticket price tag. But with the NBC-Comcast deal now done, the Peacock’s purse strings grew a bit looser.

Just last week, Kelley said that despite that brief hiccup, he and his team were “optimistic that we’re going to do it,” noting, “We’ve got a script that [Warner Bros. TV] and DC are very excited about.”

Kelley’s take Wonder Woman has Diana Prince in L.A. corporate executive, his vision also incorporates the superhero’s signature lasso, cuffs, and plane in the script. But people close to the project insist that this Wonder Woman is a non-campy take on the DC Comics character.

It has been very difficult to resurrect Wonder Woman, a few years back Joss Whedon tried to bring her back in a big screen version but that fizzled and there have also been varies other attempts to get her back on T.V.


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