Will Smith Unlikely to appear in ‘Indepedence Day’ Sequels

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Will Smith hit the A-list in 1996 after Independence Day, and he has had very few unsuccessful movies since then. Will Smith is always the star of the films he plays in, and it works for him and for the studios that can count on their investments. But since Smith doesn’t typically play in films with large casts of a-listers, it may rule him out of the upcoming Independence Day films.

Roland Emmerich Tells EW “I don’t want to have Will. He’s too big for a movie like this. It would be a Will Smith movie…it’s Independence Day. And Independence Day was always not about one person. It was always a group thing. And [Will] is too big a star.”

Emmerich’s movies tend to have a lot of characters facing different trials that are somehow linked to one another as they try to escape from large scale disasters. It would be an interesting move for Will Smith, who has not made any statements about his involvement in the films or if he has any desire. Emmerich has said that one of the main characters of the film will be the step-son of Will Smiths character Hiller.

I would love to see Smith make an appearance in the film, as small as that appearance may be. For the film to feel like it really fits with the predecessors I think we need a little bit of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum. What do you think?

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