Will Smith Goes With ‘Men In Black 3’

Published by Seth Quillen in: Film -- Date: 22 Apr 2010 Comments: 1


Oh my gosh, Men In Black II was awful!!! I mean really bad! So the fact that Men In Black 3 is pushing forward is a testament to the power and respect Hollywood has for Will Smith, Steven Spielberg and Barry Sonnenfeld . Truly they are some of the great movers and shakers out there.

Anyway Roger Freidman over at showbiz411 reported in his words “Director Barry Sonnenfeld tells me that “Men in Black 3-D” is ready to roll. Will Smith has signed on, Tommy Lee Jones is in, and a script is awaited.”

If you can sort through all the name dropping over showbiz411 you will see that Men In Black 3 is on the way for a possible Memorial Day 2011 release. Which was recently vacated by the postponing/do over of the next Spider-Man movie.

PS. And as usual it will be in 3D.


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    1. Joseph says:

      hope for the best. but its hard to be optimistic after reading in magazines how “MIB 2 will be one of the rare sequels that is better than the first” when it ended up being so terrible.

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