Why You Might Start Liking Zac Efron

Published by Seth Quillen in: Film -- Date: 28 Jan 2010 Comments: 1


Zac Efron who has had huge success as a teen Idol in such films as High School Musical and… well, High School Musical 2 and 3, is making bold steps toward an action star career. Deadline is reporting that he has signed on to play a Jason Bourne, type character in Universal Pictures adaptation of the graphic novel Fire. Efron is possibly following Shia LaBeouf’s recent move to movies like Transformers, Indian Jones and Eagle Eye which have almost made LaBeouf an action star. Efron has also signed on for a Back to The Future-like film for Warner Bros. surprisingly both films have me quite interested. A good turn for Efron who has annoyed me since I first saw his sparkling eyes and forward combed hair, but I became a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio after despite Titanic so anything is possible.


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