Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

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Oh, crap!!! There’s another debate tonight. At 7pm central time Congressman Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden will attempt to convince us that they actually know and care about the country. It would be tempting to skip it and watch Tivoed episodes of Animal Cops instead, but then you won’t feel fully informed as you read and respond to all the snarky comments on twitter tonight and Facebook tomorrow.

To make it a little more entertaining here is our official Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game. It can be played with just about anything: beer, vodka, coke, OJ- whatever floats your boat. So let’s get hammered since no one really cares about these two guys anyway.


To begin.
Take a small drink if both candidates are sporting an American flag lapel pin. Take another if both are wearing red and/or blue ties.

Then drink every time a Your candidate:
References their humble background they. Another if they mention how hard their parents worked.

Mentions small business

Names an “actual” working class person from small town America

Says “I believe in the American people”

Says “That’s just not true”

Rolls their eyes

Fakes a smile that disguises a genuine hated for the other candidate, their
family, and everything they have ever touched.

Paul Ryan refers to being in good shape.

Joe Biden’s forehead shows any sign of movement.

Now wait a minute I need to respond to that

Closing statements bonus:
‘We can’t afford four more years.”
‘We’re not there yet. But…”
‘The American Dream’


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