Trailer: ‘Scream 4’ Teaser Full of Cliches

Published by Joseph in: Film -- Date: 23 Oct 2010 Comments: 0


The teaser trailer for Wes Craven’s next horror/slasher film, Scream 4 is up now. It’s got everything you would expect, hot chicks showing off their features, witty cheese dialog, Ghostface running towards the camera over and over and over, and a few modern updates for the series. The kids now have iphones and helmet cameras etc.

Scream was a brilliant satire of a worn out and cliche genre that managed to make fun of slasher films yet still freak you out. Hopefully after a 12 year break the fourth entry in the series can manage to do more than just parody itself, but show the problems with slasher films of today.

Hit the jump to see the teaser.


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