Five Things I WANT To See In The Next ‘Star Trek’ Film

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So J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot was pretty awesome! His action packed revamp of the Trek universe put his film at the top of the franchise both critically and at the Box Office. I would probably only rank Star Trek: First Contact above it. I know people will tell you that Wrath of Khan is the better picture, but I disagree. So what does director Abrams need to do to ensure his sequel will be equally awesome? Well, luckily enough I just happen to have a list in case that question ever came up. So here’s the Five Things I WANT To See In The Next Star Trek Film.

More character development for the villains: I know that every first film in a franchise is all about the core cast of heroes. But when it really comes down to it, it’s the bad guy that makes the good guys great. Examples: Khan, The Joker in both Burton and Nolan’s Batman, Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort.

Five Things I DON’T Want To See In The Next ‘Star Trek’ Film

Klingons: I want to see the Federation kick the Klingon’s ass in a massive space battle royale. I want to see a clash of nations so great we see the destruction of hundreds of ships on both sides. I want to see a battle so grand and full of honor that it would awaken the spirit of “Kahless the Unforgettable” himself.

More Bones: Karl Urban nailed his character, Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, better than any other in actor in the Star Trek Reboot. His contempt for Spock was spot on with out doing an impression of DeForest Kelley. I’d like to see a lot more of him in the Star Trek sequel.

The Enterprise Blown Up: They’ve destroyed the U.S.S. Enterprise 3 times in Star Trek films and it’s always devastating, intense and exciting. And we don’t have to worry about building another Enterprise, as Captain Jean-Luc Picard once quipped there’s “plenty of letters left in the alphabet.” And you could even go to the Enterprise NCC1701-Z-1 if you had to.

Ferengi: To my knowledge the Ferengi have never made it to a Star Trek film but I’m not 100 percent on that one. The Ferengi culture is based on monetary gain and oppression of women, both are relevant in this day and age. They’re hilariously devious. And if the traditionally “we hate business” Hollywood is dying to put in an evil CEO (as it appears) in the next film the Ferengi could definitely fit in there.

J.J. Abrams Untitled Star Trek Sequel was written by Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci. New to the franchise are Alice Eve and Peter Weller, while Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana and John Cho return to star in Star Trek 2. The film starts filming early next year and hits theaters May 17,2013


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