Two Years Without Watching A Movie

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No Movies For Two YearsTwo years ago I left the FilmPopper team to go on a journey of self-discovery, service, and spiritual development. During this time I abstained from most all forms of entertainment. The only time I saw anything on television was either at a restaurant or in a Wal-Mart. This was a special time for me. A time to abstain from worldly things and depend on myself, and the deity I profess. I learned a lot, I’ve grown a lot. I’m different. I’m the same.

Initially it was very strange to have all these things missing from my life. Over time I grew to love it. I would be hanging out in a room where nobody was tapping away on facebook, shooting nazi-zombies or blasting music. In some ways it was refreshing. At other points during these two years I very much longed to be a part of the world. I wanted to see movies, play video games and go to sporting events. I wanted to discuss the ending of The Dark Knight Rises and participate in these conversations. Instead I politely asked that people not spoil the details for me.

I was quite excited to start watching movies again, and in doing that, I found myself thinking a little differently than I used to.

I think I have less patience with film. I spent two years trying to make every hour and every day have purpose. Entertainment to me is now difficult. I get antsy and wonder “should I be doing something more productive?” I don’t like that feeling. I love movies. I love entertainment. Film is my life; I ought to have patience for it. I used to be the guy that loved every movie he saw. I was in love with everything that had to do with film. I now feel like if I’m spending my time sitting still it should be on a good movie.  My attention span is a little shorter. I’m not as focused on catching all the little details. I feel more detached from the movie than I did.

I dhi-res-image-roundup-for-green-lantern-starring-ryan-reynoldso not find it acceptable to have mediocre CGI effects anymore. Was it okay in Tremors 2? Sure. Am I okay with it in high budget summer block busters from this decade? Absolutely not. Skyline could pull better shots than we’re seeing from some movies today. I love the freedom and flexibility that computer generated imaging gives to film makers, but I think it gives them an easy way out. I don’t want the easy way out. I want the best thing that can possibly be offered. Thank you Chris, for using an actual hallway suspended in the air, with the actors in side while it was being spun around.

I care less about 3D. I’m not trying to jump aboard the 3D hate train…but I dont think we should be paying extra, and I don’t think 3D should be an advertised feature. We don’t have to tell people ‘This movie is in color! Come see it!’ anymore, and nor should we be seeing movies based solely on the fact that they are 3D. That should be a natural part of the experience. And I feel that the industry, not the viewer, could be the demise of 3D. Outrageous pricing, gimmicks, countless re-releases (though I WILL watch Jurassic Park. Not because its in 3D, but because I want the opportunity to see it on the silver screen), and home distribution exclusivity will kill this format, NOT the movie-goer.

I’d like to offer some of my feelings on a few of the movies I’ve watched since my return. Of course we’ll start with my most anticipated film, from my favorite director.

The Dark Knight Rises

tdkrThis is one that I feel lived up to the hype. Or maybe there really wasn’t that much hype? I heard mostly positive things about it, some saying it was the best, some saying it was a mess. I flat out loved it. Powerful and thought provoking. Perhaps a little less realistic than its predecessors, but I don’t care, its awesome. Bane’s monologues sent chills down my back. I was excited about the cast, but I was concerned that the movie might suffer from character-overload (a-la Spider-Man 3), but it didn’t. Maybe that’s because he had almost three hours to develop them, but It worked. The cast was great, the action was great, and the last five minutes was in my eyes, perfect. I almost cried like a little girl.

Super 8

Can we give this movie a little more praise and attention please?  It was like The Goonies and Cloverfield had a baby. Maybe someone made a joke like that in the last year and a half, but I wasn’t paying attention to the media, so I’m going to assume I’m the first to say it. If I didn’t know better, and if the special effects werent better than what could be offered in the early 80s, I would have guessed it was made back then. The filmgrain and the lighting was beautiful. The camera work felt classic. They don’t make em like this anymore, kids. The monster was freaky. The child actors were great. And the zombie flick was brilliant.


Two years of a spiritual high, and then watching this. Least to say it was a little shocking. And yet, I laughed uncontrollably. I never thought I would hear such awful things come from Jennifer Anniston’s mouth. And I wouldn’t have anticipated liking it that much either.  As awesome as she was, I found myself enjoying Charlie Day’s performance and reactions even more than listening to Anniston’s titalating dialoge. Spacey seemed genuinely evil. It was almost too real. Ferrel was nutz. I want to name drop everyone in this movie cuz everyone was perfect. I found myself half-way through the movie wondering if they would actually kill their bosses or not. I certainly couldn’t have predicted what DID happen.

The Avengers

The Avengers Empire Magazine CoverI thought this movie worked really well in its own sphere. It was a good time and I enjoyed the performances from every member of the ensemble cast. Somehow they were able to make an alien invasion not seem stupid in a superhero movie. The dialogue was witty, the action was fun, and the characters had their own distinct personalities and qualities. Could Scarlett Johansson, even as a master assassin, jump on to that ship without having her arms ripped off? Probly not. Do I honestly believe that a bow and arrow could be that lethal? No. Do I wish I was half as hot as Chris Hemsworth? Yup. I had a blast with this movie. Its great…as a comicbook/superhero movie. It didn’t make me think about the world around me or look at my life any differently, but I don’t think it was trying to.

That’s all I have for you today! Its good to be back. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a lot of movies to catch up on!



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