Trailer: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

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Here’s the first full length trailer for Paramount Pictures Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The film stars Tom Cruise returning as I.M.F. agent Ethan Hunt as well as a few newcomers to the franchise, Paula Patton, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Josh Holloway. From this trailer the story feels quite similar to the first Mission: Impossible film from way back in 1996, which I always enjoyed despite the load of plot holes it contained. This film looks to have a lot of action and a lot of big jokes, surprisingly there were no gratuitous shots of hot women in the trailer.

The fourth film in the franchise is directed by Brad Bird and opens on Dec. 21, which finds Ethan Hunt and the rest of the I.M.F. team going rogue to clear their organization’s name. Here it is.


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