Trailer: ‘Grown Ups 2’

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For some reason we knew it was coming. After bringing an ensemble cast together and making $162 million in the U.S alone, we were destined for a sequel.

To sum up the first movie: Adam Sandler and his child hood friends return to their home town for the funeral of their basketball coach. During the trip they basically act exactly like they did in highschool. Lovey dubby family moments. Roll credits.

And that’s what we should expect from this one. I didn’t hate Grown Ups like many people did, infact I had quite a few laughs, but even for a Sandler the movie just felt hollow. It seemed like a bunch of jokes the crew of comedians came up with and decided to string together in a movie.

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and David Spade all reprise their characters in the film, but noticably absent is Rob Schneider, who was the butt of many jokes in the first movie. Salma Hayak returns as does Steve Buscemi. We’ll get a taste of Taylor Lautner and Andy Samberg this time around aswell.

I could do without the potty-jokes in the follow-up, set for realease July 12th, but I guess I’ll just try to laugh anyway.

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