Trailer: ‘Derek’ From Ricky Gervais

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If you read this site at all, you are very aware of our fondness for Ricky Gervais, which means I’m extremely excited for his new show, Derek. Gervais plays the titular character in the mockumentary-style comedy series that follows residents at a nursing home where he works.

The show is descrbed as,
“Derek is a 49-year-old man with an underbite who views the world with innocent eyes and lives only to make others feel a little happier. He’s the type who gets immense joy out of simple things like Deal Or No Deal, caring for worms and pudding. His love for the elderly residents of his nursing home and his few friends is completely pure. There’s no ulterior motive for his actions – he’s not craving popularity like David Brent, or desperate for fame like Andy of Extras.”

The trailers are full of awkward interactions that Gervais perfected on his previous shows, The Office and Extras. It’s also worth noting that Gervais is coming under fire as many people are critizing the Derek character for being mentally disabled. Gervais, however insists that Derek is not desabled, he’s just not that bright.

Also starring in Derek is one of Gervais’s best friends and unlikely muse, Karl Pilkington, who has some of the best moments in these clips. The shows seems closer to a dramedy than a straight comedy production but I’m willing to check it out. Derek premieres in England April 12 on Channel 4. No word as to when it will hit the states.


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