Top Ten Patriotic Movies – For The America in Your Heart

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Rocky 4 and America Rocks

You got to admit it, America has done quite a few good things since its inception. And occasionally Hollywood showcases this splendor at the multiplex. I did not want every film on this list to simply be about the strength of the American military. I also wanted to showcase some films that showed us a nice slice of classic Americana. So here’s a few good films to watch on the 4th of July or any day you feel like celebrating the red, white and blue. I now give you Top Ten American Patriotic Movies. Oh and I threw in Captain America: The First Avenger just because of the name.

11. Captain America: The First Avenger
10. Renaissance Man
9. The Sandlot
8. Glory
7. Miracle
6. Captain America: The First Avenger
5. Top Gun
4.Independence Day
3. Air Force One
2. The Great Escape
1. Rocky 4


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