Top Ten Movie Musicals From 2000-2009

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Our breakdown of the Last Decade In Music: Part 2

It was a decade full of masterful blends of musical styles. You’ll notice a couple chart toppers are thrown in out of sympathy but there’s a good reason for them all. Be sure to watch out next week for the top twenty soundtracks of the decade! The List I’m most excited about.

The Top Ten Movie Musicals From 2000-20009


10. Chicago
I won’t lie, I was not a big Chicago fan.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I actually disliked the film.  However it got so much praise and so much credit for being a great musical I felt as if I couldn’t really leave it off the list, so I gracefully give it my number ten spot.  The one thing I will give Chicago, I could almost listen and enjoy the energized jazz music as long as I’m not watching the movie. Buy Chicago at


Mamma Mia!

9. Mamma Mia!
A musical based off music from the famous but annoying pop group ABBA.  As one of my readers (my mother) said “it’s just a fun movie!” and obviously the music adds to this touch.  The music has a Greek pop touch that was changed from the original music of ABBA to better fit the movie style by adding a bit of electric guitar that really seems to throw things for a spin. This one’s for you mom. Buy Mamma Mia!at


Across The Universe

8. Across The Universe
Another musical based off of music from a famous pop group!  Across The Universe weaves an entire story based solely off of music of The Beatles, naturally it gets a bit trippy at times but the music is indeed catchy.  All the songs in the film were written by The Beatles and they have been incorporated perfectly fit the story. Buy Across The Universe [Deluxe Edition] at


7. Enchanted
While not as much as a musical as the others in the list it still had its fair share of song and dance that a typical Disney movie would have.  A mixture of animation and live action really adds a definite hint of the older Disney films but most of all was the return of music to the film.  The music in the movie sounds like many other Disney Films with songs of Princesses calling animals to help clean a dreary apartment or sew a new dress. The film finishes with a grand finale where the whole cast breaks into song! Buy Enchanted at

Disney Presents The Music Man

6. The Music Man
The only made for TV movie on the list. Mathew Broderick surprised a lot of people with an amazing performance in a remake of an old favorite. Even though the film was made this decade it carries many musical influences from the beginning of the century.  The music in this movie tells the story almost more than any other musical I have seen! Buy Disney Presents The Music Man (2003 TV Film) at



The Corpse Bride

5. Corpse Bride
Ok, I’ll admit I have a soft spot for Tim Burton, but the music in Corpse Bride really was amazing.  A musical similar to the Nightmare Before Christmas, there is a mixture of piano and wind instruments that throw an eerie sense into the movie that reminds you of Halloween all over again.  Another pleasant musical surprise was the fact that Johnny Depp can indeed sing and do an excellent job while at it.  My favorite track from this movie is the piano duet that is purely magnificent. Buy The Corpse Bride at


4. Hairspray
John Travolta playing a fat woman, Christopher Walken, Queen Latifah… and many more stars, all of them singing!  The movie is set in the 60’s and you can literally feel it.  The musical is highly based around a fast dance kind of music from the music all the white kids were listening to. It makes you want to get up and just dance along with the show. Buy Hairspray (Soundtrack to the Motion Picture) at




3. Rent
Awesome!  A movie that was able to take a cast of lesser known actors and create a great musical.  What I enjoyed about the musical was the amazing variety!  From the rock n’ roll themed songs, to a great tango, and the piano intro.  The strength of the musical is diversity and offers something for all sorts of musical tastes! Buy Rent (2005 Movie Soundtrack) at



The Phantom of the Opera

2. The Phantom of the Opera

Though some would say it was by far a better Broadway Play the movie adaptation was still amazing.  An orchestrated masterpiece, the string ensemble could have made our list of scores alone, but then there was also the fact that it was indeed an opera.  The singing just added to the flow of the orchestra and really made you feel like you were on Broadway watching the Phantom swing from the banisters! Buy The Phantom of the Opera (2004 Movie Soundtrack) at

Moulin Rouge!

1. Moulin Rouge
Simply epic.  The movie has an amazing score, by mixing in contemporary songs, completely changing their styles to fit the movie.  Songs such as Roxanne, Smells Like Teen Spirit, or Like a Virgin were all remixed to masterful delight, complete with a circus ring leader, cancan dancers and an giant elephant. The essence of this film like Rent is the absolute variety that it offers, throwing up hard rock songs against dance music and amazing opera like solos from Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman.  I love this movie! Buy Moulin Rouge at


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    1. Seth says:

      I’m gonna disagree with most of this list, except for Moulin Rouge! Not only was it by far the best musical of the decade, but also makes my list of the best films of the decade.

    2. Colin says:

      I don’t care at all that you disagree but just outta curiosty what would you have put besides these movies?

    3. Kellesbelles says:

      I did NOT like Mamma Mia. Too much Meryl Streep.

    4. Joseph says:


      ….Everyone has AIDS!! AIDS AIDS AIDS!

    5. Seth says:

      Joseph, I’m so proud of you for posting that!

    6. Colin says:

      And in Moulin Rouge he falls in love with a prostitue, doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie 🙂

    7. Seth says:

      I guess after looking at the list, they were some of the industry greats. Maybe I just don’t like Musicals. But I would have definitely added “Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog”. Does that count? it was an internet movie.

    8. Jon says:

      Sweeney Todd most definitely belongs here!!

    9. Colin says:

      Jon; Sweeney Todd was literally number 11 on the list and just barely didn’t get in. It makes a strong case and could easily be on the list, so I agree in a sense 🙂 thanks for commenting

    10. Vee says:

      Mozart L’Opera Rock…..always….perfect score….actors were brilliant….and gawddd the pop-rock take on the last several years of Mozart’s life….DONE! Perfect.

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