Top Ten Michael Scott Moments on ‘The Office’

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While we don’t know when it will happen, the moment Michael Scott fans have been dreading is coming up soon.  After seven seasons of playing the world’s worst (but in many ways best) boss, Steve Carell will be leaving The Office and his beloved character Michael Scott sometime this season. I don’t know how we’ll say goodbye.  It’s going to be really hard… “That’s what she said!”

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Michael Scott’s upcoming departure got us thinking about some of the great times we’ve had together. So we decided to compile the Top Ten Michael Scott Moments from The Office.

So here they are, in no particular order…

The Dinner Party From Hell (Season 4, Episode 9: Dinner Party) During an awkward dinner party with his co-workers, Michael finally stands up to Jan about the fact that he caters to her on everything. Including his 3 vasectomies. Apparently that’s his limit.  We get an intimate glimpse inside his weird domestic life with Jan, and a fight that results in the hurling of Dundees. (Buy Season 4)

The Man Kiss (Season 3, Episode 1: Gay Witch Hunt) Michael discovers Oscar is gay, and tries to show his acceptance of his lifestyle by kissing him. The kiss was well meant but not well received. At least Oscar got a long vacation by agreeing not to sue the company! (Buy Season 3)

Prison Mike  (Season 3, Episode 9: The Convict) In an effort to show everyone just how awful prison is, Michael locks the staff in the conference room and creates “Prison Mike”, my favorite Michael Scott alter ego. (Buy Season 3)

It Knows Something! (Season 4, Episode 2: Dunder-Mifflin Infinity) After giving up on his battle against technology, Michael blindly follows his GPS directions right into a lake, claiming that the GPS “knows something!” (Buy Season 4)

An Idiot in the Wilderness  (Season 4, Episode 7: Survivor Man)  Ryan doesn’t include Michael in his company management retreat, so Michael takes to the wilderness alone to prove he has what it takes to survive. He doesn’t. (Buy Season 4)

Diversity Day (Season 1, Episode 2: Diversity Day) Michael presides over the most non-politically correct  diversity day in history.  There’s something here to offend everyone. Now you know what it’s like to be a minority. (Buy Season 1)

The Buyout (Season 5, Episode 23: Broke) The Michael Scott Paper Company is broke, but Dunder Mifflin doesn’t have to know that. In one of Michael’s rare moments of triumph, he skillfully negotiates his company’s buyout and leaves David Wallace and Charles Miner shaking in their boots. (Buy Season 5)

The Time He Crushed the High-Schoolers Dreams  (Season 6, Episode 11: Scott’s Tots) Several years ago, Michael promised a group of third graders he’d pay for their college tuition, assuming he’d be a millionaire by the time he was forty. Since he isn’t, he returns to the group while they’re in high school to tell them that instead of a college tuition they’ll be receiving one lithium battery each. (Buy Season 6)

The Threat Level Midnight Premiere  (Season 7, Episode 17: Threat Level Midnight) After11 years of writing, re-shooting and editing Michael finally unveils his action- adventure thriller, Threat Level Midnight. This gem of a movie includes appearances by all of his co-workers, and an original dance called “The Scarn “. I already know it by heart. (Pre-order Season 7)

The Kidnapping  (Season 4, Episode 3: Launch Party) When normal people get screwed over by the pizza delivery guy they mutter expletives under their breath. When Michael Scott gets screwed over by the pizza delivery guy he kidnaps him, holds him for ransom and announces it to everyone on the company webcam. (Buy Season 4)

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