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Written on November 20, 2011 – 11:42 pm | by Seth Quillen |

The 30 Best Chandler Bing One-Liners from Friends

Here’s Part 2 of our celebration of all things Friends and it’s a good one. Chandler Bing was the lovable scared of commitment funny man. He had more straight up one-liners than any other cast member and know one could have played him better than Matthew Perry. Even if toward the end of the series […]

Ten Best ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Quotes: Sheldon Cooper

Contrary to popular belief, Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is the best roommate guy could have. That is, of course if you are willing to abide by “The Roommate Contract”. Which admittedly could be hard to do with all the sub clauses. Okay, who am I kidding, he might be the most difficult […]

Let’s Celebrate ‘Friends’! – Part 1: Ten Best Friends Quotes: Joey

To celebrate Friends being on Netflix and all the Friends Binge watching that is probably already going on we are bringing you the best of Friends. Oh, you’ll get your Top Ten Friends Episodes soon enough but we are taking this thing to the extreme. We’re going to give you the Top Ten Friends Quotes from […]

Top Ten Basketball Movies

March Madness, University of Kentucky, Buzzer Beaters, Michael Jordan, Lebron James and so much more make Basketball the most intense game we play. And one of the better ways to tell an underdog story. Who doesn’t love that? Here are the Ten Best Basketball Movies. 10. Hoop Dreams (1994) A film following the lives of […]

Top 10 Rock Star Cameos in Film

So many musicians have dabbled in film yet so few have had any luck. Justin Timberlake comes to mind and Jennifer Lopez had some mild success. Ice Cube is probably the most accomplished musician to make the transfer to the silver screen. But truth is, Rock Stars are generally best on the big screen in […]

The 10 Best Military Themed Movies

There are so many great military movies to choose from, there is no way I can put them all in one list. Or to be honest, to even say this is the definitive list of the Top Ten Military movies. Lets just say these are then movies that I think are great. Notice I did […]

Top 10 One Direction Songs

With One Direction’s new film the band has proven the are a major Box Office draw. They have once again successfully taken their music and story to the next level for their fans to enjoy. One Direction: This Is Us was directed by Morgan Spurlock and takes a look at Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry’s meteoric rise […]

The 10 Best Movies About The Office

Works sucks! Especially for those who work in a dreary, drab, boring office environment. Pointless meetings that go on for ever. Employees who know everything. Bosses who don’t. Employees who don’t listen… Bosses who don’t listen. And all your efforts go unappreciated day after day. It’s no wonder Hollywood has found a way create movie gold at […]

The Ten Best Road Trip Movies

Nothing in life brings more memories than a great “road trip”. Whether it’s with your family to Disney World, the guys on their first ski vacation or young college coeds heading to the beach for their first Spring Break, the road trip has enough highs and lows to last a life time. Here are the Top Ten […]

Top Ten Patriotic Movies – For The America in Your Heart

You got to admit it, America has done quite a few good things since its inception. And occasionally Hollywood showcases this splendor at the multiplex. I did not want every film on this list to simply be about the strength of the American military. I also wanted to showcase some films that showed us a […]

Top Ten John Wayne Western Movies

No actor is more synonymous with the classic Hollywood Western than John Wayne, the Duke himself. So it’s only just that he gets an official Top Ten Western list for his efforts. Down the road will do a Top Ten John Wayne Non-Western list to show the famous wranglers versatility. 10. Red River 9. The […]

Top 10: End of The World Post-Apocalyptic Movies

In light of promising, new post-apocalyptic movies such as Oblivion, After Earth and This Is the End (which stars Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, James Franco and every other young comedic actor out there) we’ve decided to put together a little list of the end of the world ourselves. We all love a good movie […]

Bromantic Intentions: 8 Beautiful Bromances to Joyify Your Feels

Continuing in the thread of human companionship, let’s talk about “bromances.” This oft-loved genre has its roots in the “buddy” films that often involve a hero and his friend or sidekick using their friendship to overcome all odds. Bromances in particular generally put a large amount of focus on both the strength and depth of […]

Savannah’s Top Ten Underrated Chick Flicks

Ignoring the inherent flaws in the system that turns out romantic comedies and dramas on a regular basis, there’s a lot to be said for films chronicling the human journey to finding picture-perfect love. Unfortunately, for every shining gem filled with feel-goody, squishy love juice, there are a dozen dried-out sponges of cinematic torture, waiting […]

In Short, The Best 20 Films of 2012

Over 400 movies were released this year, and of those 400 there were many terrible awful films. However there were also a few successes. I do not feel as though I can sit here and say “These were absolutely the best movies of 2012!” However I am going to tell everyone that there were a […]

Five Star Wars Characters Who Should Have a Spinoff

Yesterday Bob Igor officially let out the news that Disney is planning multiple Star Wars stand alone movies. These spinoffs would be produced and released during the same period as Star Wars episode 7, 8 and 9. It made me think what charcters would be the best suited to have their on Star Wars spinoff. […]

Dave’s Top 10 Movies Of 2012

So another year has come and gone. But 2012’s movies will convert into DVD’s that will fill our hearts, homes then hatboxes forever. While I, personally, watched many terrible movies, I saw quite a couple that revived my mind and reminded me why cinema is a worthwhile hobby. Having a diverse taste in films isn’t […]

Top 29 George Costanza Quotes From Seinfeld

George Costanza is one of the great losers of American television. A term that Seinfeld co-creator Larry David may not enjoy since the character was loosely based on him.  Jason Alexander brought George to life with such beautiful perfection we couldn’t help but love the character. While Jerry Seinfeld was technically the star of the four piece […]

Top Ten Sexy Swimsuits in Movie History

Hot Girls in Sexy Bikinis in Movies including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models and more

Top Ten Chick Flicks of 2012

Top 10 chick flicks of 2012 This year was an excellent year for movies! We had things like the Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall and Les Miserables. However, to be honest we were quite lacking in the Chick Flick Department. While this list is the best chick flicks of 2012,that partially comes from them […]

Top 10 Seinfeld Quotes: Jerry Seinfeld

We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fourth season of Seinfeld. Fans of the show know that it was the fourth season of Seinfeld when the show really broke out and became a cultural phenomenon. Sure it was good before season 4, but you’ll find many of the best episodes in this season. The Bubble […]

Best of 2011: The Best Chick Flicks of 2011

There were quite a few good movies I could take my man to this year. While you may call them chick flicks, I just call them good. Without further ado, here’s list of the Best Chick Flicks of 2011. 10 – Number Ten on my list is What’s Your Number, a lot of the movies […]

Best of 2011: Top 6 Superhero Movies

I know these list usually come in sets of ten, but it’s a little hard to do a Top 10 Superhero Movies of 2011 when there were actually only six comic capers this year. What I can do for you though, is list the six superhero movies released in 2011 in order of their goodness. […]

Zombies: A Top 10 List of Everything Zombie

With the craze in Zombies continually growing we at Filmpopper thought it’d be a good idea to review the top ten media forms of zombie action to have everyone better ready to face the impending apocalypse.  Whether your thing is the slow shuffling zombies of George Romero or the zombies capable of sprinting we have […]

Funny Christmas Movies — 12 of Them, One For Each Day

I love White Christmas, I love It’s A Wonderful Life, I even like the corny original Miracle on 34th Street but what I really like, is a Christmas movie that gives me a good laugh. We were going to the 10 Funniest Christmas movies of all time but we decided to get all festive and […]

Top Ten Hottest and Sexiest Science Fiction Girls

If there’s something that every fanboy loves, it’s a sci-fi hottie. And speaking of hotties, Alice Eve was just cast in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek Sequel. As you all know “She’s Out of My League” hot! And this raises the question, where will Eve’s character in the new Star Trek stand on the all time Sci-Fi hotness list? […]

Top 10 Shirtless Taylor Lautner Photos

Less than 30 seconds into The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I (the newest movie adaptation from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series) Taylor Lautner tears off his shirt releasing his insane abs of steel. We were wondering why it took so long.  Forget Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the other Twilight vampires we’re supposed to care about. We could get […]

2011 Forbes 15 Richest Fictional Characters

Forbes has release their 2011 list of wealthiest fictional characters, who have an average net worth of $9.7 billion, up 20% from last year. Add all their fictional fortunes up and you get a whopping $131.6 billion in fake green. In order to qualify for the Fictional 15, the characters must be known for being […]

Top Twenty Dwight Schrute Quotes From ‘The Office’

We’re continuing our celebration of Steve Carell and his Michael Scott character with a list of our favorite quotes by his possible successor, Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson).  As we all now know, Michael Scott will be leaving The Office on April 28,  but his replacement has yet to be announced. Luckily, Dwight is still in the running for the job, and hopefully we’ll be seeing […]

Top Ten Michael Scott Quotes From ‘The Office’

Since Steve Carell and his Michael Scott character will be leaving The Office on April 28, so we decided to continue our celebration of the greatest boss in television history with a list of his funniest quotes. It was no small task trying to pick the top ten from a list of hundreds of awkward […]

Top Ten Michael Scott Moments on ‘The Office’

While we don’t know when it will happen, the moment Michael Scott fans have been dreading is coming up soon.  After seven seasons of playing the world’s worst (but in many ways best) boss, Steve Carell will be leaving The Office and his beloved character Michael Scott sometime this season. I don’t know how we’ll say goodbye.  It’s going to […]

The 10 Most Watched TV Shows Of All Time (Scripted Television)

Last week Super Bowl XLV (45) became the most watched television show of all time with 111 million viewers tunning in to watch the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. This brought up the question, what are The 10 Most Watched TV Shows of all time? And we answered. But that list was not a lot of […]

10 Most Watched TV Shows Of All Time

Last night more than 111 million people sat down and occasionally jumped out of their seats during Super Bowl XLV (45). And for the second year in a row the Super Bowl broke the record for the most watched television show of all time. The game saw the Green Bay Packers defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers […]

Top Ten Romantic Movies for Both Men and Women

The Top Ten Romantic Movies for Both Men and Women There’s no denying the value of a good romantic movie. It can be a cheap date and the right one can set the mood for a romantic evening better than an overpriced restaurant. Here’s our list of romantic movies that have something for both men […]

The Best 20 Movie Soundtracks From 2000-2009

Our breakdown of the Last Decade In Music: Part 3 As we begin our last week of January, we promise that it will be the last of our decade summaries. So you won’t have to hear anymore about the decade that was 2000 to 2009.  Starting the week off is our breakdown of the Last Decade […]

Top Ten Movie Musicals From 2000-2009

Our breakdown of the Last Decade In Music: Part 2 It was a decade full of masterful blends of musical styles. You’ll notice a couple chart toppers are thrown in out of sympathy but there’s a good reason for them all. Be sure to watch out next week for the top twenty soundtracks of the […]

10 Best Movie Scores From 2000-2009

Our breakdown of the Last Decade In Music: Part 1 Here at, we decided to do the 20 best soundtracks from 2000-2009. But as I started to compile the list I thought, how could I possibly compare a musical, to an original score, to a soundtrack loaded with awesome bands?  So rather than a […]