Top 10 Rock Star Cameos in Film

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Billy Idol - The Wedding Singer

So many musicians have dabbled in film yet so few have had any luck. Justin Timberlake comes to mind and Jennifer Lopez had some mild success. Ice Cube is probably the most accomplished musician to make the transfer to the silver screen.

But truth is, Rock Stars are generally best on the big screen in small roles. Let them say a few lines we didn’t see coming in a role that is a bit redicoulous then go away back to wherever you go. That’s what we really want out of musicians in a film role.

Here are the 10 best Film Cameos by a Rock Star… OK, 13. And one more thing, before you try to call me out on the exact musical genre of the artist, I’m just referring to all musicians as Rock Stars.

13. Dave Grohl – The Muppets
12. Bruce Springsteen – High Fidelity
11. Eminem – Funny People
10. Billy Idol – The Wedding Singer
9. Snoop Dogg – Starsky and Hutch I know it technically was a little more than a cameo
8. Dave Matthews – Just Go With It
7. David Bowie – Labyrinth
6. Pearl Jam – Singles
5. Alice Cooper – Wayne’s World
4. Gwar – Empire Records
3. Coldplay’s Chris Martin – Shaun of the Dead
2. Anthony Kiedis – Point Break
1. David Bowie – Zoolander


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