Top Ten Chick Flicks of 2012

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Top 10 chick flicks of 2012

This year was an excellent year for movies! We had things like the Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall and Les Miserables. However, to be honest we were quite lacking in the Chick Flick Department. While this list is the best chick flicks of 2012,that partially comes from them being some of the only chick flicks of 2012. So for no other reason than by default I give you number ten, and truly the only one I feel has no business being on my list.

What To Expect When You're Expecting10-What To Expect While Expecting- Working at a movie theater you hear a lot of reviews by a lot of people who should do reviews. Which is why I watched this movie, Hearing from nearly everyone I worked with that this was a funny movie to watch and that I would enjoy it I gave it a shot. However to my disappointment, it was a terrible depiction of what women are like when they are pregnant. All extremes were represented in this film, from the worst possible pregnancy, to barely noticing there was something growing inside, even an adoption. However all this film did was make me extremely turned off to ever wanting to have a child. The only redeeming quality of this film was the club of guys who walk their children through the park each day, well casted characters to help you not want to kill yourself during the film.

9-Step up 4- Now this movie was great because unlike Step up 3 they tried to give it a story and some substance (sarcasm). Whatever people may say about Step up, I have to say I really did enjoy and love this movie. I believe it is hard to have a high quality dance movie because whether or not you have a good story line, you casted dancers to be actors and actresses, maybe they are great actors and actresses however the general consensus is no, they are not, which is why dancy movies get such a bad rap, but If you are looking for an awesome chick flick to watch with your girlfriends that will get you pumped up for the dancing all night like freaks part of your sleepover, this is the perfect movie for you.

8- The Lucky One- This movie was absolutely the definition of a chick flick. This is the movie that if you make your husband or boyfriend watch with you that you owe him some major favors. First off it has Zac Efron, I think I can stop there, I won’t though. Zac Efron, gone to war in Iraq finds a picture of a beautiful girl in the dirt, determined to find this girl he stays alive against all odds. He comes home with the goal of searching her out and telling her thank you for keeping him alive. You can guess where the story goes from there. Although I poke fun at this movie I really did enjoy it and recommend it to any girls who needs a night alone with the cookie dough.

7-Hope Springs- Do you want to feel really awkward with anyway you know, this is the perfect movie to make that happen. Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Meryl Streep and Steve Carell, this movie follows and older couple who have basically fallen out of love and are no longer even friends. Steve Carell plays a character you won’t be used to, he is a very serious psychologist for couples who need help falling back in love, and make other parts of their relationship work as well, enough said. Don’t try to make your boyfriends or husbands see this with you, it will be very hard, unless it’s your birthday. Which is was and therefore my husband went with me, the two of us sat alone in a theater with only one other couple and although I found humor in this film, I have never felt so awkward, and we didn’t even know the other people. I did however feel this film was heartwarming and a chick flick that I would buy, and then watch alone.The Five Year Engagment

6- The Five Year Engagement. Wow, this movie will have you laughing all night long; Jason Segal is hilarious as Emily Blunts Fiancé who has quit his amazing job as a chef in a
very high class San Francisco restaurant to follow her in pursuing her dreams. This movie was one of my favorites this year, and my only complaint was that it was a little long. This movie unlike the others on my list is one your significant other can enjoy with you.

5- Snow White and the Huntsmen. I’d Say if Chris Hemsworth is in a movie, you might as well call it a chick flick. It may be an action, it may be a horror, it doesn’t matter, put him in a movie and the chicks are gonna flock to it. I can honestly say however I enjoyed this movie. A slight setback was watching Kristen Stewart trying to rally the troops to defeat the evil queen. The speech was not good, nor was the giving of it, perhaps she thought if she looked like she was in enough pain they would have to go to war! As much as I could make fun of this movie, usually chick flicks are movies that are easy to poke fun at, and I really enjoyed this movie. So much so that I bought it. If you are a girl, buy it, watch it, Love it.

4-Twilight, Breaking Dawn part 2. In Past Top ten Chick flicks I have graciously given twilight a spot as my number ten, due to the mass amount of women of all ages who flock to see it. However this year it has truly earned a spot, coming in at number 4, I feel like if all the other twilight movies had been made to the quality that this one was made, it would not be ripped on quite so much. It would still be torn apart by critics, but maybe a little less. Finally a twilight movie has some action in it, some entertainment, and something to keep your interest. Not just a crying girl and a shining boy. If you are going to watch any of the twilight movies, this is the one.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower3. The Perks of being a Wallflower. This movie was amazing in every way. I loved it. It was amazingly casted and amazingly written. I laughed I cried, I recommend it to everyone, chicks and not chicks. Emma Watson truly proved that she can play a character other than Hermione Granger and that she can play it perfectly. This would  be my number one on my list however I think that should be saved for a 100 percent full chick flick. This is a must see movie by everyone.

2. Pitch Perfect. I think this movie could have been one of the funniest movies of the year. With the exception of a couple scenes that have a little more throw up then I generally like in movies, it was absolutely hilarious, it was like step up in Acapella version, and what girl wouldn’t want to see that. This is the perfect movie to watch with your friends to laugh all night!

1. And last and of course not least my number 1 chick flick of 2012. This may not have been my favorite movie of the year but it is exactly what a chick flick should be. I give number one to The Vow. This movie has love and sadness, heartache and triumph, and of course Channing Tatum. What more can I say other than unlike Rachel McAdams who plays The Channing Tatum’s wife, if I woke up from a coma with Channing Tatum standing over me saying he was my husband, I sure wouldn’t fight it. This is the perfect chick flick and the best chick flick of 2012.The Vow


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