‘The Seinfeld Reunion Special’ In Chronological Order

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In one of the most unique opportunities in television history, the creator of a little television show know as Seinfeld was able to create a reunion show on a “reality” show about himself. In the seventh season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David (Co-creator of Seinfeld) staged a reunion of the great television comedy Seinfeld. The plot of the season see David, who plays a version of himself on Curb, attempting to win his wife back by casting her in “The Seinfeld Reunion Special”. Throughout the seventh season we see various parts of what would have been the reunion. And lucky for us some clever fellow pieced the segments together and posted it up on You Tube. It’s quite entertaining and gives us glimpse what a reunion Seinfeld special might have been like. Enjoy! P.S. I know this came out forever ago.


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      Oh how I wish Seinfeld was still on!

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