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Leave Nikki Alone!!!
If you’ve never heard of her, Nikki Finke is the founder, editor in chief and general manager of (probably the most powerful news source in Hollywood). Forbes magazine recently ranked Finke #97 on their World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list. Finke is one of the most respected and feared journalists in Hollywood, and has a rolodex full of the most connected and powerful people players in the business. She consistently has the best stream of original content, insider scoops and exclusives, and on top of that she snarks as good as anyone. And she’s being Stalked…

A couple weeks ago Rupert Murdoch’s new Ipad based newspaper, The Daily, published a photo of what might be Nikki Finke. The story carried the text “Is This The Most Powerful Woman In Hollywood?” as if asking a question gets The Daily off the hook for its questionable reporting.

Finke is known to be a bit reclusive, choosing to work at home alone, not leaving for weeks at a time or ever showing up at events around Hollywood. And besides a black and white photo from 2006, no one really knows what she currently looks like. In fact, she’s so private that back in 2009 Gawker was offering 1000 dollars for a photo of her, not sure if the offer still stands though.

The Daily was so set on getting a “scoop” and publishing a photo of Finke that they put up a picture of a women in a Toyota that kinda-maybe-resembled what she looked like 5 or 6 years ago. Finke responded to the photos, telling Gawker that “The Daily should be embarrassed to have run the wrong photo. But let me also express relief that at least the editors didn’t just post a picture of a circus bearded lady and claim it was me.”

I understand that being the best always draws a crowd, in fact her site draws about 2 million hits a day. But The Daily’s stalking of Finke is a bit over the line, they couldn’t even confirm that the photo was of Finke. The Daily based their decision to print by talking to friends of Finke who said it looked like her but that they were not sure. Finke denied the photo is of her and said she doesn’t even own a Toyota, yet The Daily still felt obligated to publish the photo. The Daily continues to say the woman in the “peppermint Toyota Yaris” is indeed her… well maybe it’s her.

In addition to the obscene stalking behavior there’s several more problems with The Daily’s story. First and most obvious, The Daily can’t confirm it’s actually Finke. Second, she”s a reporter and not the news, so why are you hounding her. Third, there wasn’t even a story, the only reason The Daily published the photo, was to publish it. And fourth, she doesn’t want to be photographed.

And again, this is not the first time someone has been out to get Finke… and since it’s not actually her in the photo it probably wont be the last. I have know idea why Nikki Finke doesn’t want to be photographed, but she doesn’t so maybe you should just leave it alone.

Boom! Roasted!


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