THE LIST: Midseason Malfunction

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Enough With The Mid-Season Hiatus

I hate it when networks take good shows off the air to pimp out their crappy ones.  I fear that’s what’s happening with Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine. Mr. Sunshine will be taking over Cougar Town’s Wednesday slot starting February 9, for 10 1/2 weeks.   That’s 10 1/2 weeks without Cougar Town, a funny, well written show that features people who view drinking red wine as a legitimate hobby. Can Mr. Sunshine compete with that?   Based on the trailers I’ve seen, no.  The show doesn’t look very funny, despite the fact that it tries to pull out all the stops with elephants and clowns and other distractions.   If  ABC is determined to sacrifice one of it’s shows to give Mr. Sunshine a chance, couldn’t they have taken Better With You off the air instead?  Does anybody watch that?

NBC did the same thing last fall, when they announced that the hilarious and superbly written  Parks and Rec wouldn’t return until midseason.  Instead we got the unfunny Outsourced.   Well guess what networks?  I’m not just going to watch whatever you put out there.  I can go to cable and never come back.  

Boom! Roasted!


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