Filmpopper Chick Flick Review: ‘The Back-up Plan’

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Here at Film Popper we have decided to dish out a weekly Chick Flick as part of our Film Popper 300 review series.  I Rachel, am the chick.  I review the flicks. On weeks new chick flicks are released I’ll dive in and and give you my certified chick review, on the weeks there aren’t, I’ll visit some of the classic favorites we all know and love… or hate.  This week’s movie is one of the latter.

The Back-Up Plan
After a four year break from acting, Jennifer Lopez has returned for The Back-Up Plan which was to be her come back film. But I’m not sure that Plan is going to work out. Lopez plays Zoe, a lonely and distraught woman who decides that after years of bad relationships, she wants to have a family and decides to go the artificial insemination route. On her way home she happens to run into the man of her dreams. Enter lovable and perfect Stan (Alex O’Loughlin).  Of course her baby plan was successful and is now torn between ending the budding relationship, and continue with her original plan of having a family and raising a child by herself, or take a chance and tell her new boyfriend Stan, that if he is going to stick around he is going to have to be the baby daddy. After a fight of “who lied to who” Stan decides he is in it for the long haul. Naturally there is a twist when they receive some surprising news about the pending pregnancy. The relationship is once again put to the test. And finally as we often see in a Lopez movie, her character does some freaking out. The film is filled with an unreasonably large amount of overly awkward birthing scenes and far a too informative doctor. This is a great film to see with the guys, as long as you never have to look at them again!! I can sum this movie up with a question. Where was the was the “back up plan” when they decided to make this movie? Someone definitely dropped the ball there.


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    1. Jessi says:

      Totally agree with this!! I went with some of the girls out here for my friends birthday, and one of the girls is in her first trimester of pregnancy, and hadn’t even been to the doctor at the point when we watched this. Talk about the wrong movie at the wrong time… or anytime for that matter. Good write up

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