The Best Chick Flicks Of The Decade

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The Best Chick Flicks Of The Decade
Hundreds of chick flicks passed through during the last decade, each with its own sappy love story and its own happily ever after.  These however are by far the best chick flicks of from 2000 to 2009. Love, comedy and tears fuel them all. 

Amy Adams in Enchanted

10. Enchanted (2007) Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey star in this Disney film.  Part live action part animation it is a very light hearted movie that parodies all things Disney in the funnest way possible.  It perfectly hits the mark between satire and appreciation.  An animated Giselle (Adams) falls through a fountain into an unanimated New York City where she meets Robert and falls in love, happily ever after of course. (Buy)

9. Catch and Release (2006) Definitely not a happy, feel good movie but a great romantic comedy with an absolutely perfect chick flick ending. When Gray’s (Jennifer Garner) fiancé dies she find out about an affair that he had been having and eventually falls in love with his best friend Fritz (Timothy Olyphant). (Buy)

8. Just Married (2003) Ashton Kutcher and the late Brittany Murphey star as Tom and Sarah, a couple whose honeymoon goes way off course.  The movie is full of humor and good fun and is perfect for an amusing night of laughs. And Kutcher finishes it off with a great dramatic performance that would make any chick tear up. (Buy) 

7. 13 Going On 30 (2004) A 13-year-old girl makes a wish to be older and wakes up as a 30-year-old with the help of some magic dust.  As she learns that she has grown up to be a bad-mannered yet successful magazine editor, she finds herself falling in love with her childhood best friend Matt (Mark Ruffalo). The highlight is when the older Jenna (Jennifer Garner) reenacts the Thriller music video. (Buy)

50 First Dates

6. Tristan and Isolde (2006) James Franco and Sophia Myles play the lead roles of Tristan and Isolde in this medieval romance.  After being nursed back to life by the King of Ireland’s daughter, Isolde, Tristan forms a plan to unite Ireland and The British Provinces in peace, but at the same time falls in love with Isolde. (Buy)

5. 50 First Dates (2004) Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore star in this perfect little love story set on the Hawaiian Islands. When Henry (Sandler) unexpectedly meets Lucy (Barrymore) in a diner he falls for her, but then  discovers that due to an accident she loses her memory every night after going to bed.  Henry plans a new way to win her love every day, always with hilarious results. (Buy)

4. P.S. I Love You (2007) After Holly’s (Hilary Swank) husband Gerry (Gerard Butler) dies she falls into a sad yet for the viewers, comical depression.  Then on her birthday she receives a cake with a tape inside from Gerry where he tells her about his plan to stay in her life for a while so she can make it through her hard time.  She follows letters she receives from him on a journey back into herself. (Buy)

3. A Knight’s Tale (2001) Heath Ledger and Shannyn Sossaman star as William (aka Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein) and Jocelyn.  After his master dies, William (Ledger) finds himself doing what he always dreamed of, competing in the joust in Renaissance Europe.  And posing as a knight he also spends some time working to win the hand of the fair lady Jocelyn (Sossaman).  Though some would argue this hardly qualifies as a chick flick it does have all the basic elements of love, romance, and the bearing of the leads soul for the love of his life. Ledger was always amazing on screen and will be missed. (Buy)

2. A Walk To Remember (2002) After a run-in with the police Landon (Shane West) is forced into the school play where he plays the lead role with Jamie (Mandy Moore). However, the romance turns into more than just lead roles of a play as Landon falls in love with Jamie. He tries to fulfill all her dreams, including getting married in the church where her parents were married but is devastated to find out she has Leukemia and his time is running out. (Buy)

1. Moulin Rouge (2001) In a love story of epic magnitude Christian (Ewan McGregor) falls hopelessly in love with the Moulin Rouge’s star “performer” Satine (Nicole Kidman). Unfortunately, she has already been promised to an evil Duke who will stop at nothing to have her.  With Satine’s time slowly running out due to an unexplained illness, Christian does all he can to win her heart and take her away from the Moulin Rouge and the evil Duke forever. (Buy)


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