The Best and Worst Chick Flicks of 2010 – Part 2

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My basis for these movies are not super deep or profound, much like Chick Flicks themselves, I’m simply stating why these films were either laugh out loud hilarious or why they should be avoided like the plague. See The Best and Worst Chick Flicks of 2010 – Part 1  

5. Dear John
While handsome soldier John, (Channing Tatum) is home on military leave he falls madly in love with Savannah, (Amanda Seyfried) on her college break. John and Savannah spend two weeks together and are in love! Savannah is a bit of a do-gooder right, so much so that she marries some dude with cancer while John is gone to “take care of him” But then go figure, he dies. Luckily she is so still “madly in love” with John when he gets back so they can lead you to believe they still end up together… So my main problem with the movie? Well, everything really. (Buy)


4. You Again
Wow, how boring can a movie be!?!? A once unattractive and unpopular, but now beautiful and successful Marni (Kristen Bell) receives news that her brother and best friend are engaged. Thrilled, Marni flies home for the wedding, where she learns that her sister-in-law to be  J.J., (Odette Yustman)  is in fact her high school nemesis who made her life a living Hell. While Marni tries everthing to sabotage the wedding there is yet another battle going on. Marni’s mother Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Ramona, (Segourney Weaver)  J.J.’s aunt were also high school enemies. I have never been so bored in my whole movie going career. It drags on for a full 105 minutes, not that long you might say?? Yes, it is!  (Buy)

3. Valentine’s Day
How many stars can you shove into a movie? Apparently so many that you can ruin one. The movie focused so much on trying to show you how many big names they had, (even the poster was just a bunch of face shots) they never even bothered to developed a story with a single character. I can’t even tell you what it was about… there were too many stories in the movie to tell you the story. How bad of a chick flick is it when at the end of the movie you have no idea who the main character was? Who was it anyway? If you can tell us you get a prize, cause we still don’t know. In the end no story or character was ever developed for more than 15 minutes and you ended up not caring about anyone.  (Buy)

2. The Last Song
Yet another sappy Nicholas Sparks movie, where someone dies and everyone is sad. We also learn that Miley Cyrus can’t act in a movies either. A troubled Veronica “Ronnie” Miller (Miley Cyrus) goes to stay with her dad for the summer. There is a big brainless love story of while Ronnie falling in love with some guy then breaks up with him, then go figure, gets back together with him by the end. Oh yeah, he’s rich and his family doesn’t like her, but we’ve never seen that in any Nicholas Sparks book ever, right? So yeah… don’t watch it… it sucks.  (Buy)

1. The Back-up Plan
Can you say awkward?!?! As stated in my review on this site this is quite literally the worst movie of all time. Let’s just say… baby pool birthing scene… enough said… if you really wanna know more, you can read my previous feature here(Buy)

Before I get to the best Chick Flicks, As a courtesy I am letting The Twilight Saga: Eclipse just sit here, I’m not rating it, I’m not gonna talk about it, I’m just gonna say, chicks liked it and it came out this year. 


5. When in Rome
Josh Duhamel, that’s enough for most girls to see this movie. Every girl loves to watch him. This movie was fun. It made you laugh. It made you smile. I just feel like every girl should see it, you will love it.  (Buy)

4. Life As We Know It
Josh Duhamel, again. Every girl loves to watching him. This movie was not supposed to win awards, it wasn’t supposed to be the block buster of the year, it was supposed to be a heartfelt, warm movie, and it was right on the mark. Katherine Heigle and Josh have great chemistry, which is humorous, since their characters hate each other for half the movie. So, they had great chemistry hating each other, and then great chemistry falling in love with each other. It was fun to watch.  (Buy)

3. Leap Year
This is a movie you can watch with your boyfriend. Not to say it isn’t a chick flick, but the romance is pretty low key in the movie. In fact, for about 80% of the movie the romance is played off as some sort of tension between a crazy drunken Irish man (Matthew Goode), and an American tourist woman (Amy Adams) out to propose to her boyfriend. Make sure to grab your man to watch this one with you. (Buy)

2. Going The Distance
Probably the most offensive movie in my top 5. If you don’t want to see Adam Long’s bare butt or some dry humping this movie may not be for you. However, if you can stand these two things this movie IS for you! It’s hilarious, which mostly stems from the fact that in all honesty, the chemistry between Adam Long and Drew Barrymore was terrible. You find it awfully hard to believe that they are even in love. (Buy)

1. The Switch
This movie has quite possibly the most adorable kid ever! It’s hilarious; in fact even the concept of it is hilarious. A man trading his sperm with that of the donor’s to become the father of his best friend’s daughter. It’s a movie worth seeing, and the sheer comedy of it should keep your boyfriends happy long enough to enjoy it with you. (Buy)


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