The Best and Worst Chick Flicks of 2010 – Part 1

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I was going to do a Top Five Chick Flick list but after extensive viewing I could only come up with three that were worthy. It was definitely slim pickings this year. This is your Best and Worst Chick Flicks of 2010 – Part 1, Rachel will be along shortly with Part 2.

Here’s the BEST
Easy A -There are some who might say this isn’t really a chick flick, but those people can go write their own list and leave me alone. In Easy A Emma Stone stars as an over-looked teenager who uses her school’s out of control rumor to get herself noticed and make a little money. One of the funniest movies of the year. (Buy)

Burlesque – Cher and Christina Aguilera star in this film about a wannabe star who makes her way to a burlesque club and – oh whatever. Not much of a story here, but not many people care. Amazing musical numbers and costumes made this a delight to watch. (Buy)

Tangled– Technically a kids movie, but what chick can resist a good fairy tale? Princess Rapunzel (voice by Mandy Moore) has to break free of the tower she’s spent her life in before she can find true love. The songs were not amazing but it was a fun and charming movie. (Buy)

And here’s the WORST
So what does a film have to do to make it on the worst list? Well, lots of things! The worst offenses include taking things too far, not living up to expectations and boring me to death. So here they are, the worst films of the year, and notice there are more on this list than the best of list.

Life As We Know It -First we are expected to believe a ridiculous plot-that parents would leave their young child in the custody of two single friends who hate each other, (Josh Duhamel and Katherine Hiegl) without even discussing it with them. Then we are forced to endure every chick flick cliché in existence. Insulting. (Buy)

Sex and the City 2 – I get that it was supposed to be silly and fun to make up for the fact that the first movie made you feel suicidal, but it was too much. The jokes were too cheesy, the ladies too self absorbed and the plot too ridiculous for me to buy into it. (Buy)

You Again – Marni (Kristen Bell) discovers her brother is engaged to the woman who made her life miserable in high school and tries to expose her true colors. The movie had potential but somehow turns into something you could easily sleep through. (Buy)

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Bad. Bad. Acting. I am not wasting any more time discussing this movie. (Buy)

The Back-Up Plan – Jennifer Lopez stars as a single woman who, after years of bad relationships decides she’s ready to start a family alone and opts for artificial insemination. On her way home from the clinic she happens to run into the man of her dreams, which as you can imagine, is not perfect timing. A disappointing movie filled with awkward birthing scenes. (Buy)


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