The 10 Best Military Themed Movies

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Empire of the Sun

There are so many great military movies to choose from, there is no way I can put them all in one list. Or to be honest, to even say this is the definitive list of the Top Ten Military movies. Lets just say these are then movies that I think are great. Notice I did not day patriotic movies. If you want that you can go to Top Ten Patriotic Movies – For The America in Your Heart. As I look over the list, I notice that these the majority are not really even action movies so well have to throw one of them up soon. Anyway here are the 10 Best Military movies.

I’ll start by saying Lone Survivor is a runner-up. It may make the top ten at some point but it’s really just too new to put on the list. It needs to sink in a little more before I put it on there.

10. Good Morning, Vietnam
9. Gallipoli
8. Top Gun
7. Empire of the Sun
6. A Few Good Men
5. The Dirty Dozen
4. The Bridge on the River Kwai
3. Gladiator
2. Patton
1. The Great Escape


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