Star Craft 2 and Its Infinite Development

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Star Craft 2 Hell, It's about time

Thats for sure


Blizzard Entertainment (Now a division of Activision Blizzard) has long been infamous for taking their sweet time to develop their games by saying on multiple occasions that they will release it “when its ready,” and refusing to give target launch dates. Largely we try not to complain because Blizzard has never made a game that wasn’t perfect. Having participated in the multiplayer beta test I know that this game is going to be great, but I feel inclined to say the multiplayer doesnt feel like it has undergone enough changes and upgrades to warrant a development cycle this long. 

 1up got to ask Chris Sigaty, Lead Producer on Starcraft 2, some questions about why it’s taking so damn long to make the game and what to expect from the single player campaign. The way you play the story mode for Star Craft 2 is much different and will surely be worth it. The mention of  Brian Kindregan, a writer for Mass Effect 2, working on the title gets me especially excited for the campaign. We’re almost there.


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