Top Ten Sexy Swimsuits in Movie History

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We all love looking at hot women. And whether it’s a rerun of Baywatch or some women’s volleyball, we love them most in a Bikini. Men are not the only ones doing the ogling, according to this study by Swimsuit 365 women enjoy a peek as well. The girls in the movies may not always be as hot as the girls in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue but these girls have to act as well. Actually our list of the hottest swimsuits in movie history includes a few former and current swimsuit models, so they you go. Here’s the 10 Hottest Swimsuits in Movie History. I know you’ll enjoy.

10. Kate Bosworth – Blue Crush (2002)
We all love hot surfer girls! And Bosworth’s athletic frame really did it for us on the shores of Hawaii in Blue Crush. She’s got a little too skinny since filming this film but she was right on perfect in her beachwear back in 2002.

Kate Bosworth Bikini Blue Crush

9. Raquel Welch – One Million Years B.C. (1966)
Welch playing the sexy gentle seacoast dwelling Loana was so hot in 1966 it inspired the liberals to start their campaign against global warming.

Raquel Welch Bikini One Million Years BC

8. Halle Berry – Die Another Day (2002)
Halle Berry as JINX in Die Another Day was one of the most annoying Bond Girls in the 007 franchise but I still can’t deny her this list. In homage to Ursula Andress Berry finely toned bady stepped it up a notch for all girls with knife belts.

Halle Berry Bikini Die Another Day

7. Ursula Andress – in Dr. No (1962)
Andress in her white bikini and knife set the ton for every bond girl who followed her. Her turn as Honeychile ‘Honey’ Ryder in Dr. turned us all on, well at least those who saw the first James Bond movie. I did.

Ursula Andress Bikini Dr No

6. Salma Hayek – From Dusk Till Dawn (2003)
Long before the Twilight Saga, vampire’s were dangerous and sometimes very sexy. Hayek’s striptease in From Dusk Till Dawn was one of the best ever on film. And left us all with desires of being bitten.

Salma Hayek Bikini From Dusk Till Dawn Snake

5. Bo Derek in 10 (1979) and again in Tommy Boy (1995)
Derek looks so hot in a bikini she’s the only girl who made the list twice. If the younger generation thought she was hot stepping out of the swimming pool in Tommy Boy you’ve got to check out Derek on the beach. So hot, want to touch the hiney.

Bo Derek Swimsuit 10

Bo Derek Bikini Tommy Boy

4. Jessica Simpson – The Dukes Of Hazzard (2005)
I am not a Jessica Simpson fan but it’s impossible to deny her a place on this list after her scene stealing pink bikini in The Dukes Of Hazzard. Go watch it again and try to logically explain why Nick lachey got a divorce from her.

Jessica Simpson Bikini The Dukes Of Hazzard

3. Christie Brinkley – National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983)
I love my wife and I would never cheat on her. But when Clark Griswald almost crossed the line in the swimming pool in the first Vacation movie I can’t help understand what he was thinking. Brinkley was the perfect combination of sexy and flirtation. Also she was not really in a swimsuit but some very white, very nice unmentionables. So we’ll let it slide.

Christie Brinkley Bikini National Lampoon's Vacation

2. Jessica Alba – Into the Blue (2005)
The director new what he was doing when he began this movie underwater. And he took his time delicately showing us every possible angle of Jessica Alba in her bikini. Alba was so hot in this movie I don’t even remember what it was about. But it seems like there was some kind of sunken treasure or something. And I vaguely remember other actors being in the movie too.

Jessica Alba Bikini Into the Blue

1. Brooklyn Decker – Just Go with It (2011)
Oh my gosh! Adam Sandler can pick ’em. He had to go uber-hot to make it difficult to not immediately choose Jennifer Aniston. Decker was a swimsuit model before stepping into Sandler’s Hawaiian comedy so she was pretty much a shoe in for first place on this list.

Brooklyn Decker Bikini Just Go with It

1st Runner UP
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia – Return Of The Jedi (1983)
Since Leia’s suit was never really meant for water, I have to put her as the first runner up. But how could I not put the girl of every mans greatest fantasy list on this list. And this was probably the last great thing George Lucas did before he introduced us to the Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks.

Carrie Fisher Bikini Princess Leia Return Of The Jedi


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