‘Saved by the Bell’ Reunion on Jimmy Fallon

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Saved by the Bell Reunion on Jimmy Fallon

We learned a little bit more about Jimmy Fallon’s childhood this week. Including the fact that he went to Bayside High School with the Saved by the Bell Cast. Only Jimmy could consistently get so many stars together to make fun of themselves so often.

The Saved by the Bell Reunion on Jimmy Fallon touched on many of our favorite memories of the show. From Jessie Spano saying, “I’m so excited, I’m so excited… I’m so scared” to Zack calling a “Time Out” to talk to the audience. We were even graced with a song from Zack Attack!

My favorite line of the sketch was Zack saying, “It’s like Jessi becoming a stripper”.

Mr. Belding also stopped by to cheer up the gang after learning that Jimmy was leaving the school for New York. Biggest surprise was Zack finally getting the job done and knocking up Kelly Kapowski. Who dropped the pregnancy bomb before the big dance.

Noticeably absent were Screech and Lisa Turtle. But it was great to see the rest of the gang back together again!


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