Rhys Ifans Will Play Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard In ‘Spider-Man’ 3D

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The Wrap is reporting that Rhys Ifans will play Dr. Curt Connors or better known as The Lizard, in Marc Webb’s 3D Spider-Man reboot. As previously reported, we knew Ifans would play a villain but which one was not revealed until today.

Technically this is the first time we will see The Lizard on the big screen although Dr. Curt Conners played by Dylan Baker was in both of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man sequels.

And according to two individuals familiar with the project, rumors of Sony bringing back Venom for the franchise reboot have been put to rest. The sources confirmed that Venom will not appear in the first film. Nothing against Venom, but I’m glad he’s not returning, at least not yet. I know it’s a revamp but I would like to see some other Villains in the Spidey universe get their chance before the regulars get rehashed.

Andrew Garfield stars as Peter Parker, while Emma Stone will play Gwen Stacy, who rivals Mary Jane Watson for Spidey’s affection. Spider-Man hit theaters in 3D on July 3, 2012.


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