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Everyone, gather ‘round as I tell you a story of aliens and their technology and a war that ensues between the two of them. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Our story begins with Aekon, an alien entity being held by a truly malicious robot that is apparently called C180-RG. What does the robot want to know? Where the rest of Aekon’s race has escaped to in the universe so the robots can track them down and crush them.

This delicious short film comes from the brilliant mind of Kaleb Lechowski, a 22-year old attending the Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin, Germany. Over a course of seven months during his first year at college, Lechowski drafted the story, designed the characters, and animated them into this final product.

After creating an initial teaser, he was approached by IAM Entertainment for representation, and besides voice acting and sound editing done by David Masterson and Helmut Zeller, respectively, he did everything. Absolutely everything. With all the architecture and complicated animation, this truly is an accomplishment. Did I mention he’s also married? How does he do it?

And Lechowski intends for this only to be the beginning. On his tumblr, Lechowski mentions a future pitch to turn R’ha into a full-length feature film. With the same thing having happened to other short film projects into the past (Take “9”, for example), this is not unheard of.

This is easily done, as an entire world has been made in Lechowski’s premier entry. In an interview he did, Lechowski said, “ We‘ve all seen movies showing highly intelligent aliens but often they are not well prepared for their wars against humanity. . . I wanted to create an alien race that’s really intelligent.“ By creating a world in which the two powers that are at odds are completely misunderstood by us, we are happily reduced to an audience observing an invigoratingly intriguing realm playing a dangerous chess game with their universe.

In this humble writer’s opinion, this video is a good indicator of what to expect from the future. Not a future of robot domination, mind you, but a future of innovative and truly independent film. With hard-working producers like Lechowski raising the bar on the standards of the modern movie industry, indie films are becoming more and more well-produced than the arts-fartsy indie films I remember as a teenager. If R’ha is any indicator of what I can await, then bring it on.


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