Our Reader Has Seen ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer

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One of our readers who goes by the name of amygirl311 has seen the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. She’s a pretty reliable source, as she has sent us a couple other things that were later verified to be true. Obviously the Prologue was amazing but from this trailer it seems like we’re getting a bit more of the story and plot. The trailer will be attached Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows this weekend. The trailer is about 2 minutes and 6 second long.

So here’s the full description of The Dark Knight Rises trailer, spoilers included BEWARE. I’ll let Amy take it from here,
“So I did my best to remember the dialogue, I summarized the words that I didn’t remember exactly.

The trailer begins in a crowded football field (Heinz field in Pittsburgh), a young boy is singing the national anthem.

Then cut to a couple guys talking about Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman). One says he’s a hero, the other says he’s a war hero in a time of peace.

A new scene shows Alfred talking to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale). Alfred tells him how much he has cherished him and that he cherished him as much as his parents did. He added, I’ve tried to protect you but I’ve failed.

Cut to Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) dancing in a ballroom. Talking to Bruce, her speech then becomes the voice over for the trailer. She roughly says, A storm is coming and if you’re not prepared to face it, it’ll tear everything apart. You’ve been spoiled for so long, while you left us with nothing. During the speech there’s flashes of Bane (Tom Hardy) and prisoners escaping from prison.

Then there’s about a millisecond shot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt carrying a gun walking through a door into some random room.

Cut back to the football field from the beginning of the trailer. Bane comes walking out from where the players enter the field. A quick shot of Bane’s hand shows he’s carrying something that looks like a detonator. Then it shows one of the football players making a touchdown while the field is collapsing in behind him, all the players are falling down in the hole.

Cut to Bruce dressed in rags in what may be a jail. People in the “jail” are chanting (the same chant from the end of the teaser trailer). Bruce asks a man leading him through the building what their saying and he replies “Rise”.

Then a bunch of flashes of Bane and Batman fighting. There also flashes of a Bat Hoover craft and a Bat Tank. During the montage of fighting the words “The Epic Conclusion” appear on a black screen.

Finally it shows an unmasked Batman on the ground beaten up, Bane leaning over him and basically says, I’m going to let you live until you see everything destroyed. Screen goes to black and then, “The Legend Ends” appears”.

Wow!!!! Thanks Amy! What do you all think?


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