Opinion: It’s Time To Start A ‘Hunger Games’ Prayer Circle. Pray For Peeta!

Published by Kelly in: Books,Film -- Date: 2 Nov 2010 Comments: 2 so far


Jodelle Ferland as Katniss for Halloween 2010

Well, its been several months since we found out that Lionsgate would be the lucky studio to bring Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy to the big screen, yet I sit here like a chump with no director or cast announced.   

There’s a lot of talent out there just waiting to be chosen.  Jodelle Ferland’s (Bree Tanner in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) recent Halloween costume proves she would be perfect for the role of Katniss (in appearance at least).  But the lack of news gives me time to worry about all the mistakes Lionsgate could make that would turn  Hunger Games into a crapfest like Twilight.   

I think we can all agree that it is of utmost importance that the perfect actors are found for the roles of Peeta and Gale and Katniss. We also need a non-idiot director for the movie. So it’s time to take action! We could start some online petition, but no one ever pays attention to those. Instead let’s take this to a higher power and start a nation-wide prayer circle.    

I know you’re probably thinking “Listen you silly filmpopper girl, I can only ask for so many things, and I’m not wasting one of them on this movie, while grandma still can’t afford a hip replacement.” Understandable. But for those of you with perfect lives, how about taking one for the team? Maybe you could ask for a good Hunger Games movie instead of yet another gold covered paper weight. Or at least  send some positive thoughts about this movie into the universe. This might seem a little unnecessary, but I’m sick of crappy movie adaptations of good books, so I’m willing to try anything.


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  1. 2 Comments to “Opinion: It’s Time To Start A ‘Hunger Games’ Prayer Circle. Pray For Peeta!”

    1. Ali says:

      I’ll start praying… Right now. I’m with you Kelly

    2. Kelly says:

      Ali- with you on our side, we’re sure to get a good movie!

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