Of Course ‘Seinfeld’ Is The Greatest Comedy Of All Time!

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Personally I don’t believe this was ever a real question. Seinfeld has been the funniest, most clever and original show since it’s second season. But just so we can know for sure, 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair did a little survey to confirm the greatness of Seinfeld. According to their little survey Seinfeld came in first place as the funniest show of all time. Next came The Honeymooners then Friends and then Cheers. 30 Rock received some votes but that show sucks and no one will remember is in 10 years.

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Here’s what they said about the survey,
Twenty-two percent of Americans chose “Seinfeld” as the greatest sitcom from the list, what’s up with that? Twenty percent were “to the moon” for “The Honeymooners,” 16 percent friended “Friends” and 14 percent cheered for “Cheers.”

“Arrested Development” (seven percent), “Mary Tyler Moore” (six percent) and “30 Rock” (five percent) got lower ratings. What constitutes greatness in sitcoms? How about a show that ended over 55 years ago with basically a one year run and 39 original episodes still being considered by many to be the best ever? With regard to “The Honeymooners,” America is saying, “baby, you’re the greatest.”


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