News Team… Assemble — ‘Anchorman 2’ is Back On

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Last night on Conan, Will Ferrell drop the news that he and Paramount have finally reached an agreement for the Channel 4 News Team to assemble once again. In his full Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy attire and Jazz Flute, Ferrell officially announced that Anchorman 2 is a go! Anchorman is probably Ferrell’s best movie and it came out right at the height of his comedy movie career. I know he’s still making a ton of movies and some of them are funny but Ferrell was comedy king back in the mid to early 2000s. He banged out Old School, Anchorman, Elf and Talladega Nights, Oh, and you can’t forget about his scene stealing role as Mugato in Zoolander. One great comdey venture after another, he could do no wrong. And hammering out the details with the studio is the greatest thing Ferrell could have done for his career right now.

According to Deadline, Anchorman 2 will be produced under mogul Judd Apatow’s banner with Will Ferrell’s and Adam MKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions. McKay will direct as well as write the script with Will Ferrell who will star again as Ron Burgundy along with the 2004 original’s castmembers Steve Carell and Paul Rudd and David Koechner.


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