Nevermind, Mel Gibson Will NOT Be In ‘The Hangover 2′

Published by Seth Quillen in: Film -- Date: 21 Oct 2010 Comments: 0


After reporting a couple days ago that Mel Gibson would make a cameo appearance in Todd Phillips, The Hangover 2,  the whiny people over at the films production have decided they do not want Gibson in their movie. Quite a shame, Gibson’s zany sense of humor would have been a perfect match.

I could not describe their cowardly and annoying decision better than Mike Flemming over at Deadline, so I’ll let him,

I think the world of Phillips, but I didn’t find it admirable when WME dropped Gibson as a client, and I think this development is disappointing. Mike Tyson, who was convicted or rape and served time for it, can be in The Hangover, but Gibson can’t, because he made an anti-Semitic remark during a DUI arrest and had some scary voice mails bared against his wishes? Stars still flock to work with Roman Polanski, even though he can’t make movies in the U.S. because he fled  after admittedly having a sexual encounter with a 13-year old girl. Clearly, Gibson has been his own worst enemy, but as a director of films like Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto, there are few better.

What do you think?


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