NBCs ‘Zero Hour’ Is Pretty Good

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Zero Hour on ABC

In my last review, I briefly but proudly stated that I had finished the ABC Family show, Greek. It remains on my list of favorite shows because it is one of the few shows I have seen that was not canceled before a satisfactory conclusion could be met (*Cough* PUSHING DAISIES! *Cough*)

The reason I bring Greek up is because of Scott Michael Foster, who played the lovable “Cappie” in Greek. Oh, the good times.

What is amazing is the fact that Scott Michael Foster seems to have either found the Elixir of Life or made a deal with the Devil, as he looks the same in any picture or movie that I have seen him in.

Scott Michael Foster 2008 (Left) Scott Michael Foster 2013 (Right)

Pictured left: Scott Michael Foster in 2008. Pictured right: Scott Michael Foster, five years later with no other difference than longer facial scruff. Coincidence?

Either way, whenever I see Scott Michael Foster in any show, I get skeptical. In every role he portrays, he tends to play the same disheveled genius. So when I see his name attached to another project, I cross my fingers and jump in hoping for the best. Sometimes I love his character and sometimes I don’t, but at least he’s always a sassy character.

When I saw the ad for Zero Hour, a new show on ABC that premiered last night, a part of me groaned inside. Cappie was one thing, but a man trying to get to the bottom of a timeless conspiracy? Come on! The show’s obtuse “Da Vinci Code” esque premise made me want to instinctively run for the hills, but as the time grew closer for the premier, I decided it could be worth a look.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Zero Hour zeroes in on our 3 heroes, Hank, Rachel and Arron. Editor-in-chief of his own paranormal paper, “Modern Skeptic”, Hank has a wife, Laila, who is kidnapped by a terrorist in search of an antique clock she picked up just that morning. The team finds clues in the clock that map out a course to a specific part of the world, and adventures naturally ensue as Arron and Rachel find people that fill in the gaps.

Zero Hour PilotNow, I don’t know why I liked the show, but I did. Some aspects are completely implausible. For example, I don’t know of any paper owned by three people that rakes in enough dough to let said three people go all over the world by hopping on a plane, traveling 200 miles by car, then renting a charter plane. Heck, if writing was that profitable, those of us here at FilmPopper would be interviewing movie stars on the red carpet in Armani. But we’re not. Yet.

The mystery is interesting enough, though. It turns out that there is a storm coming that is referred to as “Zero Hour,” and that twelve clocks point the way to twelve individuals appointed by God to save them all. Reeling me in, the end of the episode left me wanting more, and that doesn’t often happen.

All in all, Zero Hour seems worth it. You have a likable cast with that one guy who played that one other guy who wrote in newspapers in the Swedish version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo as the bad guy (Just kidding, I know his name. It’s Michael Nyqvist. I still don’t know how to pronounce it, though). With my luck, the series may be canceled early, but I hope it isn’t. While it has that same conspiracy feel that other shows have, it still seems fresh and original. All I can do is keep following the series and hope that Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou don’t make an appearance while Jack tries to save the Island.


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