Megan Fox Joins Cast Of ‘Knocked Up’ Semi-Sequel

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According to Variety, Megan Fox is in talks to join the cast of Judd Apatow’s untitled comedy that has Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprising their roles in Knocked Up. A pretty good move for Fox who’s career has been floundering since she got fired from Transformers 3 by Michael Bay.

It’s also good for Fox to grab a high-profile role as she’s not been able to prove herself outside of a robot action movie.  And not that the Transformers films were great but both Jonah Hex and Jennifer’s Body were quite bad, both critically and at the box office, teaming up with Apatow could get her on a little stronger footing in Hollywood.

Apatow will write and direct the film (his first time since Funny People) which he has described as an original story and not a sequel or spin-off of Knocked Up, even though many characters from that film will appear in the new movie.

Apatow is currently in the process of casting the parents of Rudd’s and Mann’s characters who will play an important part in this film. Apatow has also said that Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen may appear to reprise the roles as well. Details on Fox’s character have not been released.

Production will begin this summer for a June 1, 2012, release.


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