‘Lethal Weapon’ Reboot Gets A Scribe

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Looks like another classic 1980’s action flick is getting the Hollywood remake treatment. Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver have grabbed Will Beall to write a Lethal Weapon reboot. The idea with this new film is to relaunch the buddy cop series with a new cast.

Beall, a former LA police officer in South Central wrote the novel ‘L.A. Rex’ about the familiar territory of drugs and corruption on the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles. And he recently wrote the script for Gangster Squad, the period crime drama about an elite crime squad that fought against organized crime kingpins. Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) is currently set to direct the Gangster Squad film.

Apparently Warner had been trying to work out a story for a Lethal Weapon 5  that would star original cast members Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, but due to scheduling conflicts and public relations problems, specifically with Gibson, they have had problems getting it off the ground. It’s also quite possible that those two are just plain “too old for this s**t”.



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