Leaked ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Photos Show You The Goods

Published by Seth Quillen in: Film -- Date: 2 Sep 2011 Comments: 5 so far


A couple weeks ago we got our first official promotional image of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel in Zack Snyder’s big screen revamp of Superman. I think we can all agree it was pretty awesome!!! And not being a huge fan of Snyder it was the first time I thought this film might be pretty good… I know it was just a photo, but it was sweet. Cavill busting open a safe with awesome power, extreme intensity and sparks all around. And the new suit itself is larger, with a cooler emblem, a huge cape and a textured look much like Tobey Maquire’s Spider-man outfit.

But all of that coolness died yesterday when the the first clear set photos of Cavill in his costume leaked online. The leaked photos reveal the redesigned outfit in great detail as well as Cavill’s secret “superpower”. The photo shows a better look at the wristbands, piping on the legs the semi-belt and Cavill’s full unit. I haven’t seen anything this revealing since the last body paint Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Granted these photos are just stills, there’s no lighting, action, special effects or movement which could change everything. But my first impression tells me the fanboys are not going to be happy with this. Your thoughts? And keep it clean.

The film also stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Julia Ormand, Harry Lennix, Christopher Meloni, and Russell Crowe. Man of Steel opens June 14, 2013.


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  1. 5 Comments to “Leaked ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Photos Show You The Goods”

    1. Colin says:

      Took all I had not to make a sexual innuendo joke 🙁

    2. Jared says:

      Hate the new suit sorry. Looks like a design team sat around and said, “Oh I don’t know what to do, let’s just make it like the Spiderman outfit. Oh, and make sure to add a huge unit like in the old Batman movies.” Where is the bright blue, red and yellow that Superman is supposed to wear? At least in Spiderman they kept the colors bright. But yeah when you look at these picture only one thing sticks out. Not an accident.

    3. Eko says:

      IMHO, the brandon routh’s costume much better than this one…the colour, the texturied even more the wrist band (what is it for anyway?)…they looks awkward.

    4. ryan says:

      Awesome suit! Superman finally evolves and loses the red panties! Darker character style evokes a darker storyline… look forward to it!

    5. Anthony says:

      @ryan ” Awesome suit! Superman finally evolves and loses the red panties! Darker character style evokes a darker storyline… look forward to it!”?!

      F*** you!!!! As a long time superman fan, I take that as gross, personal insult.

      Having superman being a darker character is NOT what he’s suppose to be about. He’s not suppose to be like batman, are you damn kidding me?!!
      This was more like a downgrade more so than evolved as far as I know with the suit. And it’s not red “panties” as you call it. Their TRUNKS. It has served him well all these decades. Of all the outfits that have come and gone in the past, there is only ONE outfit that has survived and stood against the test of time – traditional outfit. It’s iconic. It’s legendary. It’s UNIVERSAL. How the hell do you think it’s been around all these years? If that wasn’t the case, the traditional look would have been log gone a long damn time ago. And even to this day, that is the same outfit that is STILL around, thanks to DC’s Adventures of Superman series title, which is a big seller, started in 2013 to present and still going strong, which says a lot.

      And guess what? That classic look is going to come back in man of steel 2. In the story line, his alien suit gets wrecked and destroyed and Martha Kent will be making a new suit for him – THE CLASSIC SUIT.

      As for the trunks, it was put there for a good reason. It was put on out of paying tribute to not only the strongman, but it is a symbol of masculinity, heroism and courage and it helps give a good balance to the colors of the outfit. And that is the same tribute that should continue to be paid to this day. Without it, it would lack a significant amount of balance, inspiration and it would look too much of an empty void without it.My saying is, respect the trunks, let alone the most famus, iconic look, respect superman. The real outfit is going to come back, like it or not. And if you have a problem with that, than thats too bad.

      The classic outfit is returning in man of steel 2 where it rightfully belongs to in the movie – to SUPERMAN.
      And Batman as well!!!!!!

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