Keith Richards To Be Cut From ‘Pirates 4?’

Published by Joseph in: Books,Film -- Date: 30 Oct 2010 Comments: 0

Captain Teague

Keith Richards in 'Pirates 3'

An insider from Disney has told DrudgeReport that Keith Richards may be cut from next summer’s sure-to-be hit, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

The Rolling Stones guitarist’s upcoming book, Life, chronicles his experiences including very detailed stories of his frequent drug use, including ways to get safely stoned with  “high quality drugs.”

Keith Richards played Captain Teague in Pirates of the Caribbean:  At Worlds End, father of Johnny Depp’s beloved character, Jack sparrow. He was set to reprise that role in this film.

Disney is apparently worried about his admissions regarding his already well known use of drugs, affecting the image of their family friendly (Their first films to get a PG-13 rating) fantasy movies about pirates killing people, and drinking lots and lots of rum. The insider reports that Keith may be cut from the movie to prevent a backlash against the film.



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