Kathy Bates to Star in Next Season of ‘American Horror Story’

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Kath Bates in MiseryRejoice, my fellow Horror Heroes, we finally have some more information on American Horror Story! For those of you who have not seen American Horror Story, you are truly missing out. I don’t usually use the words “you are truly missing out” often, but AHS is a creepy masterpiece. And to think it comes from the same minds that created Glee.

Set in various settings around the country, “American Horror Story” focuses on a different story each season. The same actors, however, come back as completely different characters in every season, and each story is so well-woven that by the end of the season, you’re reveling in awesomeness. However, with the second season come and gone, we’re forced to wait almost a year until the third season with very few clues as to the future theme. Until now, that is. However, before we get into those details, it is important to note a very welcome addition to AHS.  While few details have been released, it has been stated that Kathy Bates will play an old friend-turned-nemesis to Jessica Lange, who has starred prominently in the last 2 seasons.

Ever since I heard that ear-splitting sound of Kathy Bates breaking James Caan’s legs in “Misery”, I have been intimidated by Kathy Bates. She seems so sweet, but I still have this fear I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and she’ll appear at my kitchen table, whisper, “Remember, I know what you’ve done…” and melt into the walls.

Ryan Murphy, upon talking about the character he has designed for Bates, said that this character is going to be quite frightful and “five times worse” than her Annie Wilkes character in “Misery.” While that sounds absolutely terrifying for my overactive imagination, I’m excited to see what happens.

American Horror Story PosterExplaining his invitation to Bates, Murphy said, “When we were crafting this season, I found this character — a true-life character — so I called Kathy and said, ‘I don’t know if you want to do TV again, but I’ve got this character…’ She said, ‘I love you and I love the show. Lemme think for two weeks’ — and then she called me in an hour and said, ‘I love it! I’ll do it!’ It was great.”

Part of the fun of AHS has been figuring out the theme of the next season. Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy always leaves clues in the last episodes of each season that foreshadow the future season, and many clues pointed towards witchcraft, prompting fanbase guesses of Salem Witch Trial plots in the modern day. We were in the dark until Dylan McDermott, who was asked about Kathy Bates’ dynamic casting as an evil character, said in a recent interview, “She really is. All the witches of Salem… there’s plenty of them!”
Is he just teasing us, or will the future season really be about the Salem witch trials? Guess we have until the end of this year to find out.


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