Johnny Depp Guest Stars on ‘Life’s Too Short’ from Ricky Gervais

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Johnny Depp is finally getting his chance to get back at Ricky Gervais for blasting him at the Golden Globes last year. In this clip Depp takes a few stabs at Gervais in a guest appearance on the upcoming British comedy series Life’s Too Short. It’s great to see that Depp didn’t take the jabs too serious and is willing to have a laugh with Gervais.

The series stars Warwick Davis, who plays a version of himself as a talent agent for fellow showbiz dwarfs. Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the creators of the UK version of The Office, created the show for the BBC and describe it as a cross between Extras – his show about the travails of an unsuccessful actor – and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The Show hits the BBC later this year and is expected to air on HBO sometime in 2012.


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