James Cameron Says Glasses-less 3D TV is “8-10 Years Away” From Taking Off

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That headline is so joyous yet so disappointing. Many people love 3D, many people hate 3D, but there is one thing we can all agree on: we don’t like wearing the glasses.

3D Glasses Suck

I frequently hear people say they won’t be interested in 3D television until they can watch it without glasses. I totally agree. They aren’t comfortable, they’re expensive, putting them on and taking them off before and after viewing sessions would get tired very quickly, and I just hate it.

Toshiba will release two 3D televisions in Japan by the end of the year, and Nintendo is launching their 3DS Handheld gaming system next year that also will not require glasses. This is all very promising but still a letdown. Toshiba’s televisions are very small and VERY expensive. The 3DS is intended for use by one person and you have to hold it the correct distance from your face for it to work.

And them James Cameron says 8 to 10 years before it will catch on and be standardized. Trying to think about a glasses free 3D television working for multiple people from a variety of viewing angles is quite impressive to think about, so it seems reasonable for the tech to be that far away. But how many people are going to be buying new TVs in that time frame that will have to buy new TVs AGAIN?

Now we have to buy our HI-Def TV, our Glasses 3DTV, and then our glasses-free 3DTV. I suppose its only 20 years before we will have to upgrade to hologram projectors.

My wallet would very much like me to stick with low-def CRTs for now. Damn those things lasted a while.

[via Gizmodo via BBC and TechRadar]


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    1. Connor says:

      totally agree. all these 3D TV’s are just stepping stones until a true revolution in TV comes out. Same as hybrid cars are stepping stones while waiting for an actual solution to the fuel crisis that is ever looming.

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