J.J. Abrams ‘Star Trek’ Sequel Starts Filming Today

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The sequel to J.J. Abrams hugely successful Star Trek revamp starts shooting today. It took a lot longer than any of us had hoped. There’s a good chance the world will end before it’s scheduled release date of May 13, 2013, but none the less it’s a good day for trekkies and trekkers all across the universe.

According to Collider, Abrams begins shooting Star Trek 2 today with all the major players from the first film returning. Also on board for the second go around is Benedict Cumberbatch (War Horse and BBCs Sherlock), hottie Alice Eve, extreme hottie Nazneen Contractor and sci-fi legend Peter Weller (Robocop).

Abrams also noted that no actors from Star Trek: The Original Series will make an appearance in this film.

Abrams told collider that he will not film the Star Trek sequel in 3D because he “wanted to match the look of the first one and shoot it anamorphically.” But don’t worry for those people who love 3D, for some reason I can’t understand, it will be post-converted to the 3D format.


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    1. Walter Harris says:

      The best thing Mr. Abrams could have done for the Star Trek Movies, was not make them. The films were unbelievable junk from start to finish, which couldn’t come soon enough for me and a lot of fans. So many mistakes and so much rewriting of Roddenberry’s great work, who does Abram think he is. just redo the TV show and fans would kiss your feet. No, you had to redo the first movie, nice going.

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