Is Steve Carell Leaving ‘The Office’ After Next Season?

Published by Seth Quillen in: Television -- Date: 30 Apr 2010 Comments: 2 so far

Share has dug up a BBC Radio interview with Steve Carell recorded while he was in England promoting his new movie, Date Night.

BBC Radio asked him,
Question: How long will you stay with The Office for? How many more series? How long does your contract run? 
Steve Carell: Contract through next season
Question: And will you stay after that?
Steve Carell: I don’t think so, I think that will probably be my last year.

First a little info: Generally actors sign on to a comedy series with a six year contract with an option to renew for a seventh. Next year will be Carell’s seventh season. Personally I don’t think he is posturing for more money because it was a BBC Radio interview over in England when generally no one over here is paying attention. I think this is more about an increasingly growing and profitable movie career. He has had great success with movies like The 40 Year Old Virgin, Date Night, Get Smart and critical acclaim in films such as Dan In Real Life. I think he just feels it’s time to move on.

But Carrel leaving The Office brings up a bigger question. Can a successful comedy series continue on without its original star? We just saw Scrubs get canceled a couple weeks ago when series narrator and star Zach Braff left after only a few episodes at the beginning of this season. That ’70s Show also only lasted one season after Topher Grace’s departure.

So will The Office survive? Possibly,while Michael Scott is the crazy character that often fuels story plots, The Office has always perfectly rotated major new characters in for a season or two. And in an office environment there is always legitimate reasons for new characters to filter through that would not seem forced.  What do you guys think?


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  1. 2 Comments to “Is Steve Carell Leaving ‘The Office’ After Next Season?”

    1. Joseph says:

      If it does continue it certainly wouldn’t feel the same. I’m sure it could still be funny and successful, but there might just be this emptiness to it.

    2. Mark says:

      It may be funny, but I’m not sure I’d watch. I was just commenting to my wife last night how uncomfortable I get sometimes watching his inappropriate behavior, and it’s not even real. I don’t think that can be replicated by anyone else.

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