Inside Look at ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

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Star Trek Into Darkness

There’s a pretty cool but rather short Inside Look at Star Trek Into Darkness over on the Esurance Facebook page.

If you read between the lines you can see that Abrams is trained and ready to take on the Star Wars saga. He said to make Into Darkness he used pretty much everthing he’s learned about film making to bring the Star Trek sequel together.

The Esurance fb page also has a bunch of goodies for people who “like” there page. Like The Vulcanizer which allows you to upload and share photos that transform you into a Vulcan. There’s also exclusive movie-themed content such as wallpaper, icons and movie posters. Plus a nice little giveaway that could send you to the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere with $2500 travel spending money.

Here’s a link to the Esurance fb page.


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