Harrison Ford Returning To Star Wars. Boom!!!

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Han Solo to return for new Star Wars filmsEl Mayimbe from Latino Review dropped a sonic boom like a Russian meteorite that Harrison will return to a galaxy far far away for Star Wars: Episode VII. Ford is the first actor of the original Star Wars Trilogy to sign on for J.J. Abrams postquel sequel (Did I say that right?) And as far as I’m concerned, Abrams is god of pop culture.

Mayimbe told Fox News Latino “It’s official, Harrison ford will reprise his role in the upcoming Star Wars movies.” Then continued, “He is officially coming back as Han Solo.”

We kinda of thought that Ford would return since he had mentioned wanting to be a part of the new trilogy last year when the Star Wars sale to Disney was announced. But this confirmation is awesome!

It’s been believed that future Star Wars movies would center on Han and Leia children. So this would make story plot sense to include Han Solo in the film. Is also gives a chance to kill off a beloved character that would create a huge emotional response early in the new film series. Fanboys love to cry. Remember when Kirk’s dad died at the beginning of the Star Trek revamp?

Note to the Director: J.J. you are awesome!!! Please have Han shoot someone first. Anyone will do. If you do, we will love you for ever.

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