Happy One Year Anniversary Filmpopper.com

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It was one year ago today that Filmpopper.com was officially born. It started humbly with a little story about Avatar, a giant 3D movie experience.

Over the last year we’ve learned a lot and believe me, we are still learning. But, hopefully we’ve given you a couple of stories you’ve enjoyed, along with the occasional clever jab at pop culture and all those superstars who sometimes love themselves a little too much.  And hopefully, we’ll be around doing it for for many years to come. Now, being that today is our birthday I though it would be fun to review Filmpopper.com’s five most read stories of the year. Enjoy!

Here’s our Top Five stories of the year according to most visited
Topping the list was a story revealing the truth about Joaquin Phoenix’s Rockumentary/Mockumentary I’m Not Here.
Joaquin Phoenix Became A Rapper For A Mockumentary… I Knew It!
2. Second was the news of Nathan Fillion joining the cast of James Gunn’s superhero comedy Super.
TV’s ‘Firefly’ AND ‘Castle’ Nathan Fillion Joins the Cast Of ‘Super’
3. Coming in third was Rachel’s breakdown of her favorites chick flicks of the last decade.
The Best Chick Flicks Of The Decade
4. In fourth, I finally found a reason to watch Glee, that being the excellent comedy of one Neil Patrick Harris.
Neil Patrick Harris Gives Me A Reason To Watch ‘Glee’
5. And in fifth place came our first semi-scoop with an early viewing of the teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams very secret movie Super 8 that will hit theaters Jun 8, 2011.
J.J. Abrams ‘Super 8′ Movie Trailer Review: UPDATED With Bootleg Trailer


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